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Taking our business in a new direction

beautifuldivabeautifuldiva subscriber Posts: 1
edited March 2008 in Home-Based Businesses
Hi everyone!
My name is Myra Roldan, I`m new to startup nation although I have been reading posts for over a year in the forums.  Last year, I had the unique opportunity to be on Oprah as a finalist in the search for the next big idea.  I run a mineral makeup business from my home (http://www.beautifuldiva.com).  I began just formulating and selling wholesale to businesses.  After Oprah, the one product I hadn`t developed had me catch a lot of positive and negative feedback.  I ended up selling my rights and the product is doing great on HSN. 
I had spent some time trying to figure out which direction to lead my business as I seemed to hit a slump. In December 2007 I decided I was going to go retail but would adopt a direct selling model.  What I came up with was a great opportunity, I`ve been told.  I`m trying to encourage other women to start home businesses.  I started offering FREE registration to become an Independent Sales Representative with no kits to purchase or inventory to stock. I also offer a free webpage to all Independent Sale Representatives and 30% commission on web generated orders and now through the end of the month of March 2008, 50% discount on all personal orders. People ask me how can I offer free registration and webpages - I see it as my cost of advertising.
I had already toyed with the concept in 2006 so a lot of the upfront work was done, I just had to tweak it and follow the KISS model (Keep It Simple Sister).  I opened up representative registration in February and launched the retail site March 1st.  We have had a great response to the opportunity and I`m hoping to grow.
Myra Roldan
Beautiful Diva


  • JenBJenB subscriber Posts: 2
    I think that`s a wonderful idea. After all, Mary Kay did it why not you?
    I checked out your website and if I were looking for a Rep job there would be a couple questions would want answered.
    1. If there`s no kits to purchase what would be my starting products? How much would they cost to acquire?
    2. Is there an Rep recruiting bonus? Is it like the other rep jobs where you get more as you lead more?
    3. Is there any initial training? Anyone who can mentor me?
    These are just ideas or food for thought. I think it could be a great career move, and you obviously have a great product.
    I hope this was helpful.
    Good Luck,
    Jennie Baer

  • cspeltscspelts subscriber Posts: 1
    I think the direction that you went in is a great one. Offering these freebies to new sales reps is incentive to signing up. Having a home-based business is easier and more likely to succeed if you have someone there like yourelf to help these new sales reps along. Yu are setting the stepping stones for success both for your independent sales reps and your self. Your on to a good thing here.
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