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Calling.... all INVESTORS

Perfect10CouturePerfect10Couture subscriber Posts: 1
edited December 2008 in Startup Funding

I am a clothing designer in the Texas area seeking investors for a new and contemporary clothing line for women and young adults
My clothing collections consist of premium denim jeans, signature tee shirts and tops and velour track suites.
As I researched today`s fashion trends, I find my biggest competition to be name brands like Juicy Couture, BeBe, Citizen`s of Humanity, Rock & Republic and House of Dereon.
I already have an overseas prodution and manufactuing company together, a team of graphic, creative and fashion designers and a marketing representative.
After calculating my start-up figures for production and payroll, I feel I would need atleast 50K to launch a successful collection.
I would like the opportunity to present my current collection to investors thats interested in making 25% return each year for 3 years.


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    robertjrobertj subscriber Posts: 0 Member
    In addition to all that Mark said, I would add:
    Your situation will be more attractive to capital if you surround yourself with good people, so I would be building your team(s).
    Although you may be able to get a good start with the $50,000, it`s very likely that sometime in the near future - you will need more capital.
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    Perfect10CouturePerfect10Couture subscriber Posts: 1
    Thank you so much for your feedback and input. I guess I should have wrote more on my post.
    The things that you suggested, is exactly what I have been doing. I do plan on starting small and creating a buzz for my line.  I am in the process of opening an online store for a few pieces of my collection. 
    As far as a recession, I know that it may sound a little foolish or niave of me to want to start my line now, but my strong faith has led me to this decision. 
    I recently spoke with a major designer and he gave me some advice that made me say....um! He told me to get in it now while everyone else is running from it.  I thought he was being a little sarcastic at the moment, because he was already a major household brand. After really sitting down and meditatiing on his advise, I thought it made alot of sense!
    As a matter of fact, after speaking with him, I met with a couple of investors who loved my collections and we plan to meet again after the holiday`s.
    I know that I have alot of challenges in front of me, but I won`t allow that to hinder me.
    Again, thanks for your input and advice I welcome it all!
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    Perfect10CouturePerfect10Couture subscriber Posts: 1
    Hello Robert,
    Thanks for you advice and input.
    I certainly agree wtih you about surrounding myself with good people. I have a select group of good friends that push me and back me in my ventures. It`s importat to have good and positive people in you corner.
    As far as capital, I know that I will need more than that in the future. The 50k is a start-up cost. 
    I plan to do a small collection to create a buzz about my line. I will see what kind of response I get from that and I will act accordingly.
    Again, thanks for you input and I welcome it at all times. 
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    robertjrobertj subscriber Posts: 0 Member
    It`s great that you have a group of friends that support you in your ventures. Consider building a business team as well.
    I beleive all planning should be done with the end in mind - so I suggest developing a long term capital strategy.
    Send me a PM if you want to discuss the specifics of your situation
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    StartUpSmartStartUpSmart subscriber Posts: 0
    Hi Perfect10Couture,
    You`ve received good advice above. However, I would tend to lean towards the advice your friend who is a designer gave you, especially if you feel ok about it in your gut. My instincts would tell me that other new designers might be hesitating to enter the marketplace right now. If you have a higher tolerance for pain than others then it could be to your advantage as it may be less "noisy" in your industry.
    Good luck!
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    Perfect10CouturePerfect10Couture subscriber Posts: 1
    I certainly agree with you. I think with everyone being afraid to make a move because of the "R" word, I think I shoud go ahead and test the waters. If I fall, I`ll just get up. I`d rather fall than fail. And the only way I will fail, is if I don`t try!
    Thanks a bunch
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    StartUpSmartStartUpSmart subscriber Posts: 0
    Great...I speak from experience with regards to my post above. At the same time, it`s easy for an outsider (me) to say "GO FOR IT" during hard times. So, I say proceed, but with caution and be sure to do your best to anticipate obstacles.
    Good luck!!
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