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Review & critique my LIFE COACHING web site

CoachMyndeCoachMynde subscriber Posts: 1
edited July 2007 in Website Critique
My coaching website is http://www.FreeFromFear.net</A> in all my marketing material and the URL points to cognizance.
I welcome your thoughts and comments!


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    greenlightgreenlight subscriber Posts: 0
    Well, I went to the site and I have just a few thoughts. Immediately, a box emerged asking me for my contact info for your newsletter. Let me learn a little more about your practice, education and coaching theories before you solicit for my email.
    Also, a song started playing. Loudly. I couldn`t figure out where to turn it off. The problem is, I`m listening to something else on my computer and all I once, I had competing music coming from all angles. I think having music on your site is totally unnecessary; no one goes to a website for music unless it`s an actual music site.
    The testimonials page is very good and I`m sure will help your future clients put themselves in the shoes of your former clients - that`s a smart move.
    Just a couple of thoughts to get you started~
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    CoachMyndeCoachMynde subscriber Posts: 1
    really great feedback, thank you!
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    WeblineWebline subscriber Posts: 13 Bronze Level Member
    I agree with the previous post, although I didn`t hear the music.In Firefox, this part ....Whatever you are looking for in your life,
    peace, fulfillment... is inside you...and I can help you find it!... is spread over 3 lines, in IE and Opera it is in 2 lines. No critical, just an observation.Your page text should be slightly bigger to be easier to read.
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    CoachMyndeCoachMynde subscriber Posts: 1
    thank you for the FF and Opera feedback. I am grateful it is minor stuff.
    you didn`t hear the music because I took it off already and I thought it was reasonable to remove the "join my list" popup from the landing page as well so that has been removed too. I got overly eager in building my prospect mailing list as my focus has been on building repeat visits through regular communication (blogs and email campaigns).
    thanks again. really helpful, good stuff!
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    mattferrymattferry subscriber Posts: 0
    It is ideal that your URL should be easy to remember. Usually people go with the name. so I used mine
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