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where to get free .com domain name & webshosting?

mybizmybiz subscriber Posts: 4
edited November 2011 in Building A Website That Works
got a few questions.
1) where i can get free lifetime .com domain name & free webhosting...basically no hidden charges incurred?
2) also, where to find free automation software and free payment processing facility (apart from clickbank n paypal)?
hope some of u can share you experience on setting up new e-commerce website.


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    NuevolutionNuevolution subscriber Posts: 30 Bronze Level Member
    Mybiz,Come on now... What do you want your Mortgage and Utility bills to be free too? You could try Housing Authority and live in the projects, but then again I heard you have to pay $75.00 for a 3 bed room apartment. I don`t want to sound rude but this topic had to be the funnies I`ve read since I been here.. So tell me something? You can`t afford $10.00 a year? It basically adds up to around 0.027 a day? Web Hosting you can find for 7.99 a month. As far as automation software you can try going to Sourceforge.net and see if you can get a freebie. Now as for the payment processor.. hahaaha.. what you don`t want Visa and Master Card to charge you either?Honestly, you are lucky TJG didn`t see this posting.. because you know what he whould have told you? If you cant afford 50 bucks a month to run your business, you shouldn`t be in business at all..
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    DesignCaddyDesignCaddy subscriber Posts: 3
    Nothing is free.  The "free" software you get on the internet is somebody elses advertising model.... In some cases overtly (popups and banners on your site), others covertly (spyware).
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    krishhkrishh subscriber Posts: 0
    You have to pay for the domain registration service.. XnYnZ.com is one of the domain registrar which offer the domains at cheap price.Here you will get the Basic hosting package at free of cost, if you purchase the domains here.
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    lillianabelillianabe subscriber Posts: 1
    Bellow are some of the popular platform to fulfill your needs just remember to take back up of data because it might be a situation that any site can remove free domain or hosting provided to you.
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