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Please advice on promoting my recycled journals

AnUrbanTwistAnUrbanTwist subscriber Posts: 6
edited October 2008 in Marketing
My name is Nicole and I began to create recycled journals in August.  They have surprisingly taken off and I desire to increase sales and product awareness.  I have targeted a few business and media organizations whom I want to make aware of my products.  These are my questions:

1. Can you offer suggestions on what kinds of "promotional items" I should include with my product? 

2. What is included in press releases and sample kits? 
This is my website, so you can get an idea of my product (www.JournalJunky.com).  Please offer any suggestions on my site as well, if you wish.
Thank you and enjoy your day,
Nicole Annette



AnUrbanTwist10/15/2008 2:20 AM


  • sullivankasullivanka subscriber Posts: 0
    Hi Nicole
    I would love to know more about your journals.  how many pages, how big, lined or unlined, cover material, the size of the journal and so on. 
  • daleyfla99daleyfla99 subscriber Posts: 1
    Oh, I think pens are the obvious choice.  That say "for use in your recycled journal".  Make them fancy, like the ones that light up when you write with them.  Or mini journals on a keychain...one of my clients does promos....let us know if you need help!
  • AnUrbanTwistAnUrbanTwist subscriber Posts: 6
    Thank you so much for your responses.  (I am definitely thinking pens as well! The fancy ones are a great idea! Thank you Dale)
    This is more information about my journals.
    The journals are made from recycled paper products and are covered with decorative papers.  I  have a variety of collections including, Urban, Retro, Vintage, ColorFun, Country Days and more.  I am working on enhancing these collections. 
    Custom designs are also offered according to customer request. (Ex. bridal or wedding designs)
    Each journal is accented by a lovely ribbon closure.  There are approximately 45 natural unlined two-sided pages, giving the writer, poet, or artist 90 page spaces on which to freely express himself or herself with no restraints. 
    I offer two sizes.  The most popular size is 4" W by 6" L.  This is the perfect size to fit in a purse, bag, or briefcase.  The larger journal measures 8" W by 5 1/2" L.
    Please feel free to visit my website at www.JournalJunky.com.
    Thank you and enjoy your day!
    Nicole Annette

  • sullivankasullivanka subscriber Posts: 0
    Your description is fantastic.  You need to put that on your home page.
    Good luck with your biz
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