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edited September 2006 in Marketing
Hello to all,I`m coming to all of you once again because of how much you have helped me. I really do appreciate it!I have made a decision to use "MVP Insurance Group" as my name for my  Property & Casualty Insurance Agency.  So far in working with my marketing designer, the V in MVP projects a unique logo like a person and I like that.
Here`s by dilemma again:I`m really looking to differentiate my tagline from the other insurance agencies and want to engage the customer in with a good meaning of MVP.Again, trying to emphasize the MVP as focusing on the customer, the Most Valuable Person, but needing a great tagline to go with you.
Also, I could use a key visual that would make me stand out as well!
 We have done extensive market research and surveys with 100+ people and they have responded back with the following about their insurance agent:They:1) Never have received a call back from their personal agent in 7+ years. Only the csr.2) Never heard from their agent or csr unless their was a rate hike3) Never received any gift and information about new products/services4) Never received a call to have an annual policy checkup to see if they have enough insurance or too much.5) Never received a call from their agent after an accident asking how they were doing and if there was anything they can do to help.6) Never had their agent answer a question about a claim situation and fight for them to get them the proper settlement.7) Never had their agent put on a seminar to educate them about things like fraud awareness, understanding their policy,etc.8) Never provided information about safety factors for teenage drivers and how they could help raise safety awareness.9)Never felt like they got any attention from the agent or the company.10 Nver knew there was extra coverages that were included in their policy vs paying extra with a captive insurance company`s product.11) Never felt like they treated like a "Most Valued Person", ala MVP. They felt like they were trated like a number and they didn`t like this at all. They didn`t get the vip treatment they deserved.I plan on changing the "nevers" into, yes we will handle that for you!People want to be treated special and feel good about who they are dealing with with that level of trust.The awareness I am trying to create is that the customer does matter very much, they need attention, they need to feel like they are special, and yes they are the most valued person in many ways.I want to have creative people like yourself and many others, see where I am going with this, and provide some good feedback/interaction on ways to make me different in the sea of sameness with the insurance agency concept.Like anything else in lfe, some people will like the concept and some will not. Besides the MVP standing for my initials, I am focusing on the person and adding value.If you have any other feedback that would be great, but please see where I`m going here vs. the feeling that I`m just using MVP as the typical MVP in the sports world. I am in a very populated college sports area of NC, but the most valued person is what matters to me most!
I am focusing more on the "person" concept vs. the "player" concept.Some other suggestions to me were to use the word "valued" vs "valuable" either as:Our Most Valuable Person is YouOur Most Valued Person is YouThe Most Valuable Person is YouThe Most Valued Person is You
You`re always a Winner!
Putting You in the Winner`s Circle or You`re in the Winner`s Circle.
Our policies make you a winner!Didn`t know if it was better to use "our" or "the" in the tagline. Is "our" coming back to my company as the matter of importance?Is "the", the right word to start out the slogan or is there a better substitute?
This is what my marketing consultant had to say: 
I believe you indicated in one of the threads that you reside in a "sports-oriented" community, hence "MVP" will resonate strongly with your target audience. "MVP" is an acronym that suggests the person with this title is indeed a "cut above the rest", one who "stands out from the crowd", or one that "brings home the bacon" in the last seconds of the game!As Chris indicated, by using MVP (which while they may represent your initials), also suggests that you want to put your clients in the "winner`s circle"...Putting you in the winner`s circle when you need it most!Our policy always makes you a winner!
Your thoughts on this???Thanks again!I look forward to your replies. You guys are great!!!!Thanks!


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    MVPMVP subscriber Posts: 4
    Thanks Tony,I appreciate your quick response.Yes I will utilize the trophy in my marketing campaigns. Thanks for the insight on that. I liked your website as well.Does any tagline out there grab your attention/resonate with the MVP concept or do have any other suggestions?Thanks!
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    MVPMVP subscriber Posts: 4
    You guys are great! I have narrowed down to a few taglines that you have suggested and still thinking of a few to compare.Just thinking out loud here.Now that you know where I`m going with MVP, what about:"More than coverage, it`s how you`re treated"...or something very similar to this that is short, to the point, and resonates.Emphasizing how the customer will be treated as an MVP client all the time, focusing the marketing material on special treatment the customer will receive by doing business with me, encompassing the Most Valuable Promise, Player, Person, Peace-of-Mind,etc...where the most valuable person is you, stays with the campaign as well.What do you think?Mike
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    MVPMVP subscriber Posts: 4
    To all you creative gurus out there,
    I`m trying to work with classifying MVP in a category that would make me #1 in that category and making it be the one thing that people remember as the specialist in that area. For example, Enterprise is the #1 car rental company that picks you up...this is what makes them stand out among everyone else. For example, Allstate is "The Good Hand`s People" that shows a human factor in the insurance industry. GEICO:"15 minutes can save you 15%". Prudential-"Get a piece of the Rock"- good visual.
    I have to show that I`m #1 in a specialty that I can own instead of being the same as everyone else.
    With everyone so busy these days and on information overload, people remember 1 thing...no matter how much you go back and forth about your company.
    In looking at the taglines we have and seeing the results of the surveys that were done with my consultant, the hot buttons are:
    Most Important When Buying
    1) Price- I will be able to compete on price, but I don`t want to make this my main focus.
    2)Service- This is expected
    3)Reputation- This comes with the experience level
    4)Coverage- it`s all the same. Erie does have a few that are no addt`l cost vs. paying for endorsements.
    5) Cares- This is where I think I can really stand out as a caring/nurturing company. Based on the surveys, people were saying that the agents don`t care and don`t give any attention.
    What would WOW you?
    1) TLC after the claim and some attention. This is where we will excel and make MVP #1.
    2) Treats me like family!- FAMILIA!
    So with this in mind and adding a #1 specialty, I was thinking among these factors about focusing on the #1 insurance group that honors you, nurtures you, cares for you, recognizes you, makes you part of an "elite" group, team approach to things, etc... focusing on the person more that anybody else does and #1 in that category.
      MVP Insurance Group
    "Our Most Valued Person is You"
    tying the specialties as:
    The #1 agency choice for those in a whole new league.   (playing off the MVP slant!)
    The #1 agency choice for TLC....in a whole new league!
    The # 1 agency choice that puts you first.
    The #1 agency choice honoring those in the Winners Circle"- (the insurance group that puts me first)
    The #1 insurance agency recognizing YOU for who you are"
    The #1 insurance agency honoring you.....The MVP!
    The#1 insurance group that calls and talks to me- ala, The caring insurance group.
    The#1 insurance group that has me on their team.
    The #1 insurance group that gives me TLC!
    These specialties show caring, recognizing, attention,tlc!       
    Just thinking out loud here!!!!!!
    What`s the one thing they will remember about my company after I finish talking about it.
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