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Name/tagline for P&C insurance agency

MVPMVP subscriber Posts: 4
edited August 2006 in Marketing

Hello again to all your creative gurus,I`m back again and will be meeting with a local consultant on Friday to finally pick out my company name. I have listed all the names that I have received from some of you and some I thought of. I need to narrow down to five names.I was hoping to utilize some of your creative talents in helping me come up with a unique/creative/different name for my new Property & Casualty Insurance agency that I will be starting on 10/1. I don`t want to be the same old insurance agent that is in the phone book with his name listed and in the sea of "sameness" I want to be different and stand out!I really like to engage people in what they`re doing, make them feel special, get them involved, make them feel important, create an emotional attachment, provide a great experience, elevate them, entertain them, inspire them, make them thrive, make it fun,etc.etc. I want to market to their lifestyle. Just trying to get all of that into a name that resonates has been difficult. I am meeting with a local marketing group this week and we will brainstorm ideas, but I thought you might be able to come up with something within all your expertise that could help me.Could you please take a look at the list below and see if any of the names listed resonates with you or again your opinions as well! The ones for MVP stands for my name initials.Thank you so much. Any insight would be greatly appreciated!I look forward to hearing back from you!!!!!Here are the names/key words:Names/Key Words for an Insurance AgencyMVP Insurance GroupMVP Insurance NetworkMVP SelectMVP AllianceMVP CentricMVP SecureMVP SpectrumMVP GroupMVP BlueMVP Insurance Protection TeamMVP CoreMVP EngageMVP NetworksMVP VantageMVP ViperMVP MutualMVP UnitedMVP WorldMVP VerticalMVP FirstMVP for lifeMVP EmergeMVP EdgeMVP SageMVP ConnectMVP EvolveMVP PartnersMVP Insurance & Financial NetworkFuturaEpicoreRe-ImagineTrue PartnersCorrelationsExperiencesSavvyEssenceEmbraceVenerateElevateSaving GraceCoreClarityVoilaNew VisionVigorEnvigorIntergrityRoarEngageEngage MutualGoldenSafe HarborAffinity ChoiceTruGenerationsTransitionsMutual TrustAllicoreViveronAffinity DirectSurmountEngage NationEpicGenertaions UpBlue SoarinDare to SoarGeneration NationAuroraGenerations FirstCaliperCaliberStriveThrivePartners EngageTranscendArmourAnchoraSureFireEmergePersonaPartnersHarmonyNuGuardianCentrusEdgewaysQuestAspirationsNuAllianceNew EvolutionSeamlessLifestyle PartnersTailormadePortAlliPonticelloBellwetherReQuestVertexMeridian SelectPartners RoyaleQuest NationEngagement2QuestSynergyAl AboardMVP EnterpriseMY MVPReviveQuantum or Quantum LeapMegadigmGreater NationalRadianceCenturianLegacyUnique BlendSparklingIngenuityInvigorateFlowEurekaSurgeFull CircleHarmonySunRiseThank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Mike


  • MVPMVP subscriber Posts: 4

    I went to visit my local graphic designer and she had put forth a lot of names out to a large group.This is what the top 6 names that came back as the most popular. What do you think?1) LifeGuard- This was the #1 choice. Advising me that this has an emotional feeling and would have a great campaign to work with.2) MVP Insurance Group. Playing off the most valuable person vs. player.3) INgage Insurance Group- using the in vs. en in engage.4) Mission:Insurance-playing off the mission impossible theory. Making it fun!5) Best Choice- simple6) Pronto- using something different for quick service.
    I have narrowed in down to LifeGuard Insurance Group- possibly using the guarding of one`s life as a theme (a mother guarding a baby in her arms or something like that) or maybe staying with the theme of what a lifeguard actually does (watches, saves, rescue) and MVP Insurance Group- focusing on the Most Valuable Person being part of an "elite group". I would use the MVP Emerge, Alliance,etc within my campaign, especially within the content of my website.I would appreciate any input.Thanks.Mike
  • inetjasoninetjason subscriber Posts: 1
    Howdy, Mike!
    Choosing a company name is a difficult process, but like many other subjective decisions a business owner faces, you`ll probably put more thought and analysis into it than anyone on the outside will.
    1) I`m not a big fan of LifeGuard since if I were scanning a list of insurance agencies, I might be inclined to think you offered either, (a) insurance for life guards, or (b) your specialty was life insurance.
    2) Trite.
    3) Kind of corny, but not in a bad way. Of the five choices, I like this one the best.
    4) Corny - in a bad way.
    5) Reminds me of generic or store brand canned goods. "Best Choice Green Beans"
    6) Makes me think of auto parts (http://www.pronto-net.com/</A>)
    If you truly want to break out of the "sameness" mold and choose a name that stands out in the yellow pages, try researching different languages for words that relate to your theme. The Ubuntu Linux distribution comes to mind as an example. (Do a search for the meaning of the word Ubuntu for more info or just visit http://www.ubuntu.com</A> ) Of course, the name also needs to fit the product or service you`re offering. 
    The name is probably less important than the marketing behind it though. Heck, I`d bet you could even name a company something crazy like Google and still convince people to buy your wares if you market the company well.
  • MVPMVP subscriber Posts: 4
    Jason,Thank you for your reply on my posting. I appreciate it!Just curious, why you liked INgage Insurance Group the best.Also, did you look at the previous posting to see if any names appealed to you or if you have any recommendations as to the best name that resonates with the emotional connection.Thank you!Mike
  • inetjasoninetjason subscriber Posts: 1
    I liked INGage the best primarily because it was the most unique of the five finalists.The only potential problem I`d expect is that when you tell people the name over the telephone, they may think you`re saying "Engage."
    I did quickly scan the list words in your first posting, but there weren`t any that stood out for me. There were several that seemed appropriate for an insurance agency, such as Sunrise, Harmony, Mutual Trust and Safe Harbor, but these probably don`t meet your uniqueness criteria.  
    Reading the list made me think of the useless, though entertaining, tools that the fine folks at WordLab have on their website to help create trite company and product names:
    In the long run, I believe that the name is less important than the marketing and service you put behind it. Establish a niche in your industry if you can, and then establish yourself as the expert in your niche. You could call your company Mike`s Insurance and if you deliver a product that customers want at a price they feel is fair and at a service level beyond their expectations, then you`ll likely be successful. Two Men and a Truck comes to mind.
    Having said all that, I`d wouldn`t actually choose the name Mike`s Insurance and would instead opt for something a bit more unique -- like INGage.
  • MVPMVP subscriber Posts: 4
    Jason,Thank you so much for your insight on the INgage Insurance Group name.  I`m still debating.What`s your opinion of "INgage Direct"How about the tagline:"Together has power" or"Because of Together" or"That means you!" or"It`s all about us" or"I can only imagine"  orgoing with MVP Insurance Group..."It`s all about you!"Just thinking out loud here.Thanks,Mike
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