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Need in some ideas for gifts

BeeBooBeBeeBooBe subscriber Posts: 5
edited August 2007 in Marketing
Hello, I need in some ideas for gifts/promotional materials that service businesses can give their customers. I red about eatable (chocolate+something sweet+ photo and business name) business cards, wanted to  have something rememberable. For instance, you have window cleaning service - what you will give to your customers as a small business gift?


  • BeeBooBeBeeBooBe subscriber Posts: 5

    , thanks!I have some doubts with chocolate and other eatable things. If a window cleaner or plumber gives you a chocolate after washing your windows, will you eat it?
  • mmi266mmi266 subscriber Posts: 0
    Hi B,
    I would give them something interesting like a pocket mirror with the company logo on the back & a slogan that says "We keep you clean"!  I have lots of biz product ideas on my website www.mmihome.com</A> under Product incentives--if you see somehting you like e-mail be on the contact form & I will get you a FREE sample!!
  • BeeBooBeBeeBooBe subscriber Posts: 5
    Hello mmi266I`m still waiting for your response nhgnikole, thanks! Could you please clarify what is a long magnet you handed out?
  • LaurenGGDLaurenGGD subscriber Posts: 0
    Hi BeeBooBe,
        I agree with previous replies in that the promotional item you choose needs to be functional, something that your clients will actually keep around and use, and if you can tie it into the service that you provide then that is even better!
       In a previous message someone mentioned branding the wipes you use.  While I haven`t seen wipes in any of my catalogs, it doesn`t mean they are not available. 
       Do you recommend using a certain kind of wipe, towel, or rag to dry windows with?  You could always get towels and embroider them with your logo and info.
       My company is a promotional items distributor.  Feel free to contact me should you have any other questions or if you`d like some catalogs.
  • WebDropsWebDrops subscriber Posts: 3

    I guess giving a business card or some
    sort of small stationary memento gift like a pen stand with your
    company information ... you can also give an envelope set or a letter
    pad... just a suggestion though i mean altogether something which
    is always in use and largely visible
  • BeeBooBeBeeBooBe subscriber Posts: 5

    , actually, I don`t want to find some ideas for our gifts.I wanted to help our clients with some ideas for THEIR gifts. For their clients.
  • BeeBooBeBeeBooBe subscriber Posts: 5

    , a towel is a good idea. But... may be it`s only my experience - my father is a scientist, and once he invited his colleagues from Japan to our home. And they gave us some gifts - towels and soap. I was very surprised. I was 10-12 years old, and it was like  "you  were so dirty and so wet"
  • gary42gary42 subscriber Posts: 0
    I would suggest to give Washroom Mirrors with your logo and tagline of something like "We also care for cleanliness of your office". One advantage of it is anyone going to washroom will read this and he might contact you for his own home or office.
  • divyadivya subscriber Posts: 0
    I guess gifts should be given to the customer according to the occation like if it's holiday it may be choclate if it's rainny/summer season it may be umbrella etc
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