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Turkish Jewelery

arkadarkad subscriber Posts: 1
edited February 2007 in Marketing
I am Jeweler in Turkey which I am in the market for more than 15 years.I run my own jewelery shop with my partners.Most of our clients are from US who are visiting here with the cruise liners.
So are decided to sell our products online and create a web store.But couldnt manage to make customer traffic to our web site.
As we are very new in the market dont know what t do.If any body would hepl us in this matter.we would be glad to follow his/her advice.


  • patentandtrademarkpatentandtrademark subscriber Posts: 103
    The United States offers protection via design patents for ornamental features of products - like jewelry.
  • arkadarkad subscriber Posts: 1
     Dear CraigL
    thank you for the important advices that you gave to me I will try to do so as you said.
    thank you again
  • iouone2iouone2 subscriber Posts: 14
    I also agree with CraigL. He has done a good job describing some of your problems in convincing visitors to your site to buy. The "comma instead of a decimal" point is a small issue, nevertheless it does reflect who you think your target market is. My wife, being from Viet Nam, uses a comma also... it took a long time to express the glitch it puts in my head as I read the content, as an American.I would say one thing that I disagree with CraigL. I would not use a pop-up window to show the image in more detail. There are several solutions, (one is used on www.ElusiveTreasures.com). I will let you come up with your own... but the reason I disagree is because pop-up windows are very frowned upon. It creates a feeling of advertising. The host I am using has actually banned the use of pop-up windows... Although I don`t think I agree with a ban, it does give you some understanding of how pop-ups effect people. I have finally decided to stop arguing about it and just use another way to show detailed images.
  • arkadarkad subscriber Posts: 1
    I thank you all.
    Well I bought me a very professional digital cam for the pics and took them myself.I know there are not very impressive.I must find some one else but,guys dont forget I am in Turkey.You cant find something that you need at once.
    So I have to do it my self.I was searching for some small home studios that I can do it myself.
    If you know more about this or any web site,would be very nice if you inform me.
    thank you:)
  • arkadarkad subscriber Posts: 1
    hi craigL
    ı made some new photos and add to my web site
    tell me what you think
    you know the recent ones:)
  • arkadarkad subscriber Posts: 1
    thank you again.
    I am very new and my web site is just 4 months old:)
    Its a shame to say but did not receive any sales yet:)
    but I am trying..
  • DeniseMMDeniseMM subscriber Posts: 6
    Hi Murat:
    I`m going to give you my thoughts from a woman`s point of view.  Btw, I visited your beautiful country on vacation ten years ago and I never met such wonderfully gracious people.  I was with a tour and visited Istanbul and Ephesus - just beautiful places, delicious food and wonderful people. 
    You`re pieces look lovely but they are expensive for a purchase over the Internet and from another country - so that means there are extra assurances that people will want.  This makes a lot of people uncomfortable because when they`re making such a large purchase you have no recourse if something goes wrong - so if I was shopping for jewlery I would want to know that there is some kind of guarantee or assurance or something to feel more comfortable about it. 
    People might feel more comfortable if you had testimonials of happy customers from the US, Canada and Europe.
    It would probably be a good idea to say something about your customer service policies in some way.  People want to know how they will be treated. 
    Also, if I`m going to spend that much money on a piece of jewelry online I`d probably want to see more than one picture of it.  If I was buying from a jewelry store - chances are I would turn the piece around and look at it from different points of view. 
    One other thing - I clicked over to "The Harem Collection" and read the copy.  To American women the idea of a man having more than one wife is highly offensive.  I learned about the harem`s of the past and the Ottoman Empire when I visited the palaces of Topkapi and Dolmabache - but it shows up this huge cultural divide between Turkish and modern Westernized culture, and, it`s something that generally makes women uncomfortable here.
    All the best,
    Denise Michaels, Author, "Testosterone-Free Marketing"
  • DeniseMMDeniseMM subscriber Posts: 6
    One of the best and most shoppable retail sites on the web (according to some) is www.hsn.com</A>   They use larger pictures and they have a device so that you can zoom in and look at an item from even closer. 
    Here`s a sample:  ; ;web_id=3245491&sf=j&attr=372&ocm=dsrc|j|5430&am p;am p;prev=hp!sf!372 for your perusal.
    Also, if you read the copy you will see an example of how it`s different from what you have on your site.
    All the best,
    Denise Michaels, Author, "Testosterone-Free Marketing" DeniseMM2007-3-10 18:39:56
  • arkadarkad subscriber Posts: 1
    Dear DeniseMM
    Thank you for your add about my web site and my country.
    Actually Kuşadasi/ephesus is the place where my shop is located.Maybe you were one of my customer of you passed by my shop.
    Every summer many american tourist visit my store.And the most thing I sell is the `Harem Ring` because of its story.well I know it is different to hear the story live in the shop then to read from my web.
    As for the prices,they seem to be high at the first look.but if you consider it carefully you will see that its not expensive.
    For the testimonials,I will to that and we all will see what will change in the business.
    hope to see you again in Kuşadasi/Turkey.
  • DeniseMMDeniseMM subscriber Posts: 6
    Hi Murat:
    Maybe there`s a way you can make the story sound more romantic in print so that it has the same appeal as when people visit the shop.  You might want to have a professional copywriter do that.  I remember when I visited the palaces I thought the harem was intriguing and fascinating - but in this country unless they have visited - they may not understand.  A better written explanation may help.
    Also, your pieces may be an excellent value - but in terms of an internet purchase coming from another country - it appears like a high price.  So if you can tell prospective online customers more about the quality of the stones and if you offer assurances then they will see it as an excellent value.
    Kusadasi/Ephesus is such a beautiful region.  I met a man while I was there who was a wonderful tour guide.  Maybe pictures of your shop with Western tourists there and pictures of the lovely area will help them to get the "feel" of the experience of doing business with you.  You have a great camera now.
    All the best,
    Denise Michaels, Author, "Testosterone-Free Marketing"
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