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FatbugFatbug subscriber Posts: 1
edited November 2006 in Website Critique
Alrighty, I`ve been coding and designing flash websites for a while, and personally I can`t tell if I overdid on the "fancy" stuff that would distract the consumer. Any feedback?Linky


  • asapasap subscriber Posts: 1
    Well its simple and short.  In using flash you are losing out on SEO big time.  Maybe reconsider using flash as graphic/visual additions that convey your message while using good ol` html for your content. Your font choice ... while reflecting techy is not easy to read.  You would also benefit from graphics/photos to help tell your services and story.  The internet is a visual world after all.  You also may want to add a field to gather a phone number as some would like to be contacted that way.Also .... are you serving both public and business with issues?  Breaking down that andif there are specific services for each would help your user.I hope these initial things help.  Good luck.
  • FatbugFatbug subscriber Posts: 1
    Ok, I have now updated from the website made entirely in flash, to a website that has a flash logo. Tell me what you think!Another Linky
    Fatbug2006-11-13 21:15:2
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