I just need to VENT.....

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...I need to vent about my business because it is consuming the very light out of my soul.
I started ten years ago with nothing but an idea...and it worked. I did all the right things and was able to do an online and catalog business that not only took care of itself but made money.
Fast forward to ten years later...i feel like my business is just a hobby. I still have an interest but it has gone through so many changes that it feels distant even to me.
Having a business of adult products is a precarious one, people do not want to be associated with you or be caught buying from you but are always interested.
I have taken the route of removing most of the items people found offensive...guess what...I lost my customer base.
So now I go through an affiliate, whom I am very happy with and carrying everything I used to but....now no orders.
Advertise? I used to, but lately I have not and man it shows...but the economy is sort of dictating just how far I can go with things...so...here i sit; making business cards and fliers....just waiting...instead of running and beating down doors...i just feel so frustrated and beaten, but I know it`s works, and I still believe in my business.


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    ...thank you...definitely, food for thought
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    I`m with Craig on this.
    I went from wanting to having a childhood dream of being a weather reporter, to going to college to become a music teacher, to becoming a successful electrician with a long career then backed it off to get into a business with my brother, and then now trying to be an inventor of new products....a completely different turn for me at now 40 years old.
    There is some comfort in having a trade skill to fall back on if ever that need arises, but I don`t even think about it.
    Most lives have chapters (at least the ones that are enjoyable to read) and all that is important is that you stay on the subject...you!
    Follow your heart and give it your best, sleep like a baby, then deal with the rest.
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