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New to SuN

AntwanDBAntwanDB subscriber Posts: 2
edited February 2008 in New Member Welcome
Glad to be apart of a community of like minded people. As we all go through this phase in our lives it`s good to be around people that will cheer you along a path that most don`t have the courage, tenacity or desire to travel. It is a breath of fresh of air to be around each of you to help combat the negative piled on by the naysayers. Much luck to each of you and look forward to hearing, visiting, doing business with each of you.


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    RichRich administrator Posts: 582 Site Admin
    love it, antwan!
    welcome to our community. i hope we can learn and teach and share and inspire much together...
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    AntwanDBAntwanDB subscriber Posts: 2
    Thank You for having the vision to start such a community. Looking forward to much together...
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    AntwanDBAntwanDB subscriber Posts: 2
    Thanks for asking Andrew.
    My dreams are to become a millionaire by age 35.
    To provide a life of security for my wife and daughter in the event that I lose my physical ability to perform (which is why I want out a regular 9-5).
    To create a lifestyle that will be passed down from generation to generation
    To be able to give my parents (who are doing very well on their own) a life of happiness in their golden years (To sorta repay for all they`ve done for me thus far)
    To be able to give my give my mother in law the option of making America her final resting place or her native country (with no worries)
    To ensure that my daughter, if she so chooses, to be able to choose any university without wondering how it will be paid for.
    To not put the burden of me living a comfortable life on the shoulders of my daughter because I am banking on her being successful
    To be able to go on trips without having to ask permission to spend time with my family
    To be able to open my eyes when the good Lord wakes me naturally and not to some stupid alarm clock (even though I know God really wakes but I would rather not just hear the stupid thing)
    To be able to go to the mailbox without fear and trembling wondering what bill I am behind on this month
    TO HAVE MORE MONEY THAN MONTH instead of more month than money
    Shall I continue....AntwanDB2/23/2008 4:14 AM
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    AntwanDBAntwanDB subscriber Posts: 2
    I have a daily goal of meeting at least 2 people each day that I see as potential customers.
    I have plan to make $300 dollars extra a mon by Apr (either 2 customers at $150 or 6 customers at $50 mon)...small victories so as not to get discouraged
    I am in talks with an individual to supply their little league uniforms (that will generate a nice IGP...keeping my fingers crossed)
    Also if you visit the main site under the BGBS banner you will see I am looking to take advantage of the number of baby boomers that are dreading getting older and still have a certain vanity about them...
    I am reading daily to keep me focused and help me along
    Daily I repeat my goals to myself
    Hope to network with great individuals here at SuN
    Not to mention I have to help my daughter launch her e commerce business....(don`t ever want to kill her dream)
    SO MUCH MORE...any advice is welcomed....
    AntwanDB2/23/2008 6:58 PM
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