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How to go about contacting a Major Corporation?

AboveAverageJoeAboveAverageJoe subscriber Posts: 4
edited October 2007 in Protecting Your Ideas
I have an idea for a product that would perfect an already exisiting product from Nintendo. I have not created the product yet because it wouldn`t really be functional without nintendo`s Wii game system. This is not a game for the system but rather an assesory that would redefine game play. How would I go about contacting Nintedo about this idea without getting the run around, and subsequently seeing my product on their shelves within a couple months? Since this is just an idea I know that there isn`t any way to pantent protect it. The product itself isnt unique but the collaboration of my product and nintendo`s would be. Does anyone have any ideas concerning my predicament?


  • johnqhjohnqh subscriber Posts: 4
    Ideas cannot be patented, but design can. Even if you don`t have it made, as long as you can write a detailed instruction on how to make it, and someone in the trade can make it according to your "teaching", you can apply for patent.
    Combining multiple known arts into some novelty usage is patentable, although not as strong.
    You really need to talk to a patent attorney.
    BTW, if it is just an accessory (without software programming, I assume), why not try to make it yourself?
  • txbassguytxbassguy subscriber Posts: 0
    having worked in the past for a company that manufactured video game accessories. it is very tough to work directly with nintendo, microsoft, sony unless you are a major manufacturer. you`d be best to develop the idea yourself. most major corporations will not consider ideas from outside. too much liability.it also would probably take more than a couple months to design, develop, market, package, produce sales literature.my 2cents
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