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Do it myself sell sheets, info sheets etc

GrillCharmerGrillCharmer subscriber Posts: 7
edited December 2007 in Public Relations
Oooo Oooooo Erin!!!  Whatcha got???  I haven`t done mine yet either because
1) I`m adding collections fairly quickly and so I don`t really want to print a bunch
2) A lot of my wholesale sales are done online.  I have been emailing people my info so just a file I can send w/ my own info on it would be great.  (If I can save a tree, I will)  I`m not crazy about all the printing that`s required in running a business.  I`m trying to do a lot online.
I was planning on making up my own in "Word" or something then just emailing it when I have wholesale inquiry.  I can get my wonderful product shots on there too, which is a big plus w/o paying for full color printing.  Am I just being cheap?
So Sorry DoorMat, I didn`t mean to hijack your post!  I`m in the same boat and am very curious to see what others think.  Didn`t mean to get off topic


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