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Do Not Call List

ayjayayjay subscriber Posts: 7
edited February 2008 in Marketing
I am also on the DNC list. I did outbound long distance telemarketing for a while in college (pre-Do Not Call), so I`ve been on the receiving end of plenty of hang-ups. I prefer people add themselves to the do-not call list than hang up on or be rude to the telemarketers.
Personally, I do almost all my communicating via cell phone or email, so the only people calling my home are family, teachers, doctors` offices, kids` friends. . .and telemarketers (ones for my credit card companies or charities or political messages, usually). If you are a busy employee, parent, and aspiring entrepreneur, there`s nothing more frustrating than being interrupted while bathing a child, helping with homework, etc by someone selling something.

Honestly, I also don`t like door-to-door canvassers or pop up ads that much either. TV ads give me a chance to check my laundry, and I can flip past the magazine ads, but the rest take my precious time : )
ayjay2/18/2008 1:57 PM


  • SendThemCardsSendThemCards subscriber Posts: 0
    I`m with Katherine,
    If I don`t want to read a magazine I don`t open it.
    When I watch the television I expect to see a commercial, it pays for the free programming which I can turn off any time.
    The telemarketer doesn`t help pay for my phone service, I pay.
    When I click on of sites with pop-ups I simply stop and don`t go back. I can only get them when I am on the computer not when I am in the shower or in the middle of dinner.
    Unlike my computer I have to have the phone on 24/7 for calls from my friends and family and for fire or police.
    I think we should have the choice of how we use our phone service.
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