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  • vwebworldvwebworld subscriber Posts: 40

    We can go back and forth on this forever, but here`s the deal. In Marketing 101, they teach you that the shotgun approach to marketing is never a good idea. It shows a lack of direction and/or focus. It`s much better to spend your time, energy and resources on real, targeted prospects who have a genuine interest in what you`re selling - as opposed to trying to sell to millions of untargeted prospects who don`t. Dale King
     Since we are talking about MySapce, I took your post as saying MySpace has "millions of untargeted prospects".Sorry, if I misinterpreted your words. ~Roland
  • DaleKingDaleKing subscriber Posts: 141
      Since we are talking about MySapce, I took your post as saying MySpace has "millions of untargeted prospects".
    Sorry, if I misinterpreted your words. ~Roland
       Thanks, Roland! You and I are fine.  Dale KingDKing1/11/2008 8:46 AM
  • sddreamweaverssddreamweavers subscriber Posts: 5 Member

       Before MySpace existed, corporations didn`t know how to properly reach that target demographic.
       That is the most ridiculous, erronneous, uninformed statement I`ve ever seen! You can`t seriously be suggesting that major corporations didn`t know how to reach the youth demographic until MySpace came along. Oh, really? And just how did all of these corporations manage to survive all these many years without MySpace? Give me a friggin` break! Dale King  [/quote]

    You don`t get it.  Perhaps it`s better not to try to explain the benefits if you`re not open to new ideas.sddreamweavers1/11/2008 4:06 PM
  • essayhelpessayhelp subscriber Posts: 10
    I have been using Facebook and myspace. With myspace I stopped after about a week..why? because I was getting endless junk mail!
    Facebook has been incredible. If you join the right groups and post articles with valuable information in the discussion  forums this can drive lots of traffic. Facebook has groups for just about everything. I am sure you will find a group relevant to your business.
    Its just important to know that on facebook you will find groups with 200 members and groups with 100,000 members and you might decide to ignore the small groups - However I have found that the smaller groups are sometimes more valuable then the larger groups.
    If you want to find active groups in facebook - always check when was the last time someone posted a comment or something on the discussion board.
  • cdbartworkcdbartwork subscriber Posts: 11
    Did anyone see 60 Minutes last night, the founder of Facebook was on? He is 23, dropped out of Harvard in his 2nd year and his fastest growing group to join Facebook are adults. He is reportedly worth 3B dollars. He is trying to figure out how to incorporate advertising into the site, in order to continue to pay his 400 employees. Some experts, who were interviewed, felt he could be a threat to Google. It was a very interesting segment. All the political candidates are on Facebook, as this is where they want to reach a fresh, young audience.
    So with the mix of fastest growing audience being adults and the potential for advertising, this may be a resource to consider. I am not fully convinced of its value to me.
  • chamrick61chamrick61 subscriber Posts: 0
    Here are good demographic tools for MySpace and Facebook: http://www.quantcast.com/myspace.com
    Demographics are shifting to more males than just a few months ago. Have run tests on both and its hard to convert due to limited geo targeting. One application maker on Facebook reports that he has only been able to sell things like wallpaper and ringtones.
    That said, I think it pays to create a place holder on both. I have been on Facebook for 9 months and have mostly business related connections plus there is a plugin for LinkedIn. Haven`t seen much from MySpace but have my profile on private to get around the spammed invitiations to join.
  • VandLVandL subscriber Posts: 1
    We`ve been on myspace for six weeks now and it`s been great for us for exposure.  We`re in the Motorcycle biz and bikers, bands, artists, are all over out there!  There`s no way we could reach all of the promoters, bike shops, clubs, orgs through traditional EXPENSIVE methodologies.  It`s given us a home for our new youtube demo video along with our site.  We`re also using constantcontact.com for our newsletter and getting rider opinions on new stock designs via the CC survey system before we sink money into marginal designs riders won`t buy:)
    Just another tool in the toolbox that makes cold winters go by faster for us northern bikers....making money AND staying up on the bike community, it`s just too much fun!! LOL!!
    Will check out facebook, thanks for the tip....
  • sddreamweaverssddreamweavers subscriber Posts: 5 Member

    I would agree they are effective marketing tools. Especially due to the networking abilities. I use them all as it is the best way to reach the greatest amount of people. Like with this site, the Alexa ranking is high  (www.alexa.com) This basicaly means the reach and breath of the site is excellent becasue of the high traffic to the sites. 

    FYI...maybe I`m being paranoid but...the corporate address for alexa.com is a nameless post office box at "temporary" office building in a US Army installation ("The Presidio", it`s on the north end of San Fransisco, CA). If you don`t believe me, here are the links (scroll down near the bottom in both cases....)http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.c ... MI2A35.DTL
  • chamrick61chamrick61 subscriber Posts: 0
    Here is a site that lists most of the social sites, click the socialize this link mid page for a java pop-up: http://ekstreme.com/socializer/
    Have had several affiliates create Squidoo lens and add their links as additional sources of traffic. For a small business owner you can use social sites to get more eyeballs on your website. Make sure you write articles that offer advise link Ten Tips on Saving Taxes versus here is a tax information site. Netscape is a strong social site and gives great back links that help with Google rankings.
  • ModelAmericaModelAmerica subscriber Posts: 0
    I`m sorry, but I can`t agree with some of these people.  I just built an International Corporation that can provide basically anything your business needs.  I have built strong ties with Fortune 500 Companies, and am currently working to save an International Printer from going out of business.  I have over 100 people employed by my Agency and it all started with an idea and Networking sites.  If you know how to market your company or you know the people who can then if you can dream it you can achieve it.  I`ve never met Tom, but I owe him my undying gratitude for developing Myspace.
  • jvillarreal1000jvillarreal1000 subscriber Posts: 2
    The small business I work for is focused on providing help for entrepreneurs & inventors, do you think creating a Facebook or Myspace account would be useful?  If so which one would you all recommend as the better social networking site for business.  Thanks.
  • BannerViewBannerView subscriber Posts: 1
    As one that has just setup an account on Facebook, I have started to develop connections with other businesses. Although it`s too early to judge its effectiveness, I am pleased by some of the initial interest shown. I do anticipate spending time to cultivate its growth, somewhat like an online garden, so whatever effort I put into it will determine what I`ll get out of it.
  • grandmistressgrandmistress subscriber Posts: 1
    Great input to all of you!
    I`m a speaker and storyteller.  Are there any sites for my industry?
  • cdbartworkcdbartwork subscriber Posts: 11
    Thank you for the link, looks interesting.
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