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Potential Buyers

turkishturkish subscriber Posts: 5
edited April 2007 in Thought Leadership
Does anyone here have any experience working with corporate buyers or/ non-profit buyers?I`m interested in contacting a few non-profits in order to supply a product that my company manufacturers... Any input or advice would be greatly appreciated...  


  • benplanetbenplanet subscriber Posts: 0
    I work for a non-profit and in my company contracts/products are usually given out to a select friends/relatives.... you can`t just cold call and expect to sell ... anyways that  just applies to my line of work which is a gym.... so unless your product is revolutionary ... you really need key contacts from the inside to get a contract or an appointment at least!  
  • turkishturkish subscriber Posts: 5
    I thought about emailing to get in touch with the buyer... I have already been contacted by a few non-profits and companies so i know the product is good to go it was just recently after i was contacted by a few non-profits located over seas and in the US that i thought, "why not capitalize on this opportunity?" I just need to know who to contact and what`s the best method of getting a contract.I appreciate your response...
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