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questions about starting an online business - Mike Myatt

mrmikemyattmrmikemyatt subscriber Posts: 1
edited January 2007 in Selecting a Business
   Hi, I`m Mike Myatt and I thought a lot about starting an online business, it sounds very convenient. I still have to learn a lot about running a business like this, I`m thinking for the beginning to hire a company wich has the know-how to help me get it started. I thought it`s easier and more profitable to build a business like this, the costs for starting an e-commerce business will be reduced. I have some quesitions though:
        What are the milestones in creating such a business? Is promoting the business so difficult as most of the people consider? Do you need many employees for this? Many partners? What should I be aware of?
     Hopefuly I`ll find some answers. Thank you in advance!
      Mike Myatt


  • yourNAMEinDotComyourNAMEinDotCom subscriber Posts: 17
    The grass is always greener on the other side Mike  and now that you`ve said you`re willing to hire someone to help get you started, you`re probably going to get a flurry of offers and people sending you private messages promising you riches if you follow their method.My only advice would be that you get ready to work just as hard as if you were starting a brick and mortar business. It`s no different. Don`t be dazzled by the quick fix. Do you Life Plan, Business Plan and keep at it just like with any other business.Good luck,Aleem
  • RSchlieperRSchlieper subscriber Posts: 0
    Hello Mike. 
        I`ve been doing online business for about 4 years now and if you want to know just what to do I would suggest you check out Pay It Forward 4 Profits.  It`s free to sign on but what you`ll get is free access to our Success Guide that will teach you everything you need to know to get started and what to do to inform the W.W.W. that you`re in business and what you offer. 
    Good luck.
    RSchlieper (Ron)
  • epetersepeters subscriber Posts: 1
    Hi Mike. As far as hiring those companies that "do the work" for you, I`d be very careful. I spent over $20,000 on those those companies. Before you lay down a chunk of money for that stuff I`d research it. SUN is a good place to start and ask opinions. Don`t get ripped off by those "too good to be true" things. the biggest rip off I`ve had so far is the Stores Online thing. Yes, it`s an excellent service, but it`ll cost you $2700/yr for hosting, plus monthly fees, and that Doesn`t include any advertising or anything but hosting. BEWARE of those types of things.
    There is a lot that goes into having an online business, but it`s not hard to learn. Like Ron, I`m also in Pay It Forward 4 Profits. It`s a Network Marketing Franchise, and it IS free to join. It has TONS of great information in it. Stuff that`ll put you in the 2% of online businesses that actually make it. It`s worth checking it out. Send me a message and I`d love to share some more info with you! I`m also on the PIF4P Advanced Mentoring Team and also Mastering Your Primary.
  • HPSHPS subscriber Posts: 1
    Mike-As Craig wisely suggested you need to think about your skill sets before your embark on any business venture. The one thing I would add to what Craig said is that how good of a salesman are you? do you have a better mousetrap?? If you have the knack or the product the other things can work themselves out with dedication and patience.If you need some expertise make sure you do your homework and hire the right subject matter expert. There are many snake oil salesman that promise the world but can`t deliver.Best of luck,Howard
  • epetersepeters subscriber Posts: 1
    I was a truck driver, and I`m successful online. My girlfriend had to teach me how to send an email. I must admit, the learning curve was very big, but there are so manyhelp you can get. Anyone can do it. But I think most people get all excited thinking they`re going to make tons of money online really fast, then don`t realize that it actually takes WORK, TIME and MONEY to achieve that. There aren`t any easy answers.
  • cashcowcashcow subscriber Posts: 1
    I was recently in the same position you are in. Considering to start my own online business. As mentioned previously you certainly need to determine what your skill set is, what you want to accomplish, and how much time and money you have to invest. Given that the internet is a growing entity that is not going to go away there is money to be made online IF you are cautious in selecting the right opportunity. With that being said do your homework and don`t expect to get rich quick. It takes work.
    Like several of the others before me I have also researched and decided on PIF4P`s and must say they have a great program and tons of training.
    Best of luck in your journey.
    Keep in touch.
  • RSchlieperRSchlieper subscriber Posts: 0
    And as Cashcow indicated, Mike, lots of training that`s FREE as a PIF4P member.
    Be consistant, follow the steps and start earning!
    RSchlieper (Ron)
  • CSPURGEONCSPURGEON subscriber Posts: 10
    I heard it best on one of the podcast. When asked about founding Monster.com the founder (sorry I cant remember his name?!?) said when asked on how he would advise someone starting an internet business. He stated (this is not a direct quote), that you need to drop the internet portion and think of it as a brick and mortar business. Meaning you must have all the required tools and know-how, just as if you were going to have a store front.
    Thats about all the info I can help you with, I just thought that was pretty good way of looking at the eCommerce field.CSPURGEON2007-1-29 23:7:16
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