Notable Style - VistaPrint. Anyone heard of it?

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Being a new MBA graduate, I have found myself quite eager to start up some sort of business, however, I`m not sure what to do or where to start. I am very creative and have excellent customer service skills so I thought I might invest in this franchise called Notable Style. Has anyone heard of it? The company is an affiliate of VistaPrint that specializes in custom printing. I (the consultant) would attract business orders and create the product (cards, invitations, letterhead, etc.) from home. Here is the website, ... 23%3A28+PM,
What are your thoughts?
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    Like Gags said, consider the competition. It seems to me ( a creative design firm owner who prints $80k a year of customer product), that there is tons of competition out there for this. Gang run printers are a dime a dozen. I dont think you would be using your MBA well by doing this, as any joe schmo can also do this. 
    I have seen a few people do this model of business, and I honestly do not know how they do it. Making a 20 - 50% markup on such small orders, would take a lot of hours managing customers for a small profit. And it would be small orders. Anyone ordering a large number of products, is not going to use a gang run printer, they would use a commercial press for a custom run, and usually local. mattadams12/31/2007 3:56 PM
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    Thanks for replying to me, guys. You both make very good points. I know there is a lot of competition out there, and the odds are against me, but it seemed like an easy first business for me to start up. I`ll definitely keep researching, however, before deciding on anything.
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    if you are leaning this way, you may want to look more to becoming a print broker. 
    this would entail finding print jobs, and sending them to a printer. Then the printer would be from a number of local, and national printers you know. this would open you up to larger scale jobs. For example, the 2008 superbowl printed materials, all went through a single broker. Im sure it was a few hundred thousand dollars. Much different than being a small broker for vista print sending in $50 jobs. 
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    Great Idea. I`ll look into that! Thanks for your input.  
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    You should try a business where you can have different USPs. Having the same deliverables is not good enough for a new company to survive.
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    Vistaprint, yes,,, but not the Notable Style yet. However, in Vistaprint, they are god in after-sales but the quality of the product is not that impressive. Printed stocks are seems crumpled, with that I decided to make my letterhead and invitations done by
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