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Yummy redesign??? I hope so. Please be honest.

edited July 2008 in Website Critique


Hi there.  I`m finally back after weeks of working on my website.  I truly appreciate the responses I received and I hope I have done you justice.  I have completely redesigned my site.  I`ve tried my best to clean up the home page, worked on pictures, added content - just so many things.  Please keep in mind - I created my website on a shoestring budget - so I can`t afford an expensive site creator or designer.  Everything on the website was created and designed my me using yahoo site creator and paypal buttons.  FYI - my site is hosted by Yahoo Small Business.  Any and all critiques are welcome. 
P.S. - As a thank you - If you sign up for my newsletter (something new to work on) - I will double your first order up to 2 items.  Thanks again.


MRNMRSHOPE6/10/2008 12:50 PM


  • VideographyVideography subscriber Posts: 401 Silver Level Member
    I don`t recall your earlier site, or this may be my first time to comment, but here`s some notes I took while cruising the site:I am not thrilled with the colors, but I can`t think of what would be better.  Maybe a light green background instead of the light brown.FAQ Page:  Why list an index of FAQs then not make them links to the respective FAQ itself?  Since the FAQs are brief, just skip the index.Delivery: I`m not too far from Erwin NH, will you still deliver for free?  There`s a LOT of Greenville`s, Johnson City`s, etc all over the country, so when you reference a geographic area, you need to specify the state.The ad for web design at the bottom of the pages tend to dominate.  Don`t sell your website service here, just a one line with a smaller font: "Website Designed by Amanda Hope: www.AmandasWebsiteDesignService.com"Using Comcast, yahoo or gmail for your email contact is not professional.  Get a mailbox on your domain`s host: "amanda@grannsgourmetapples.com"Don`t underline your strong points.  They look like links.  Use the header tags <h1></h1> for example, and possibly a different color.Dump the visitor counter.  It does nothing for your site and is the mark of an amateurLighten up on the "Checkout With PayPal".  It doesn`t need to be in multiple places on every page.  Especially when they aren`t links to checkout.  Your home page is cluttered.  Consider moving the maillist signup to the contact us page?A number of your images aren`t linked to the page for ordering them.Your logo should always be a link back to your home page.On your "Old Fashoned Candy Apples" page, the selection frame is too small and shows up on my browser with a scroll bar.  Make the frame larger or use a smaller font.Big mistake - there`s *NO* link on your site that lets me go to "Check-out".  I put a couple of items in the basket, each time goint to "return to shopping", but if I don`t want to buy any more, there`s no link back to PayPal to complete the order.Also regarding PayPal, and here we meet the limits of my knowledge of HTML.  When I "add to cart", PayPal changes the size of my browser window.  I consider this to be rude and presumptuous on PayPal`s part because if I need a larger window - I have a mouse.  If there is a way for you to remember the size of the browser window so that it resets when PayPal goes back to your site to "continue shopping".  I don`t know if this can be done, but it would be nice.
    Videography2008-6-10 14:11:26
  • ChicLadyChicLady subscriber Posts: 4
    I love your apples... they look so delicious... That being said, I have to agree with Steve.
    Ditch the brown and go for more red or green (light)
    get a personal email address @apples.com (or whatever), not gmail or yahoo
    Your pictures should be a little more clear
    get rid of the visitor counter...
    Otherwise- YUMMY apples... mmmmm
  • MRNMRSHOPEMRNMRSHOPE subscriber Posts: 2
    Your review is invaluable.  Thank you. 
    Thank you all for looking over my website.  You had some great ideas and most of them I used if I could or knew how.   I`m leaving the overall pallet in the brown family (hopefully to give the look/feel of chocolate), plus I`m comfortable with that color family and mixing colors.  I`m afraid if I got into reds or greens I would have it all over the place.  I also added more links and mouse over images.  Hopefully this will give it a more professional look.  Feel free to look back again, comments are always welcome.  Thanks again! 
  • MRNMRSHOPEMRNMRSHOPE subscriber Posts: 2
    I just wanted to thank all of the members that replied to my request for a website critique.  The information was invaluable.  MY SALES ARE UP 50% FROM BEFORE MY REDESIGN AND MY HITS HAVE SKY ROCKETED.  I`m even on the first page of google search for gourmet apples. 
    Thanks again to Startup Nation and all you wonderful members that took the time to checkout my website and give your opinion and advise.
  • VideographyVideography subscriber Posts: 401 Silver Level Member
    Your web site definitely *feels* more professional.  I think that the links on the photos and the professional email address make a big difference.The only thing that I am still uncomfortable with is that your navigation bars alternate from the top to the left side.  I think that they should be all the same, pick one.  Personally I like the nav bar on top.  Also, your logo image jumps all over the place.  Make it the same on every page.The "free shipping" button takes me to the FAQ page that tells me to go to the "Specials" page to find out about the free shipping, but there`s no link to the specials page - I have to hunt for it..  Kind of a circuitous route, isn`t it?  It sounds to me like a good incentive, shout it out and make the details easy to find.  If I am buying $20-30 of goods and paying another $12-15 for shipping, then yes, I would buy a few more items to get the free shipping.I am happy to hear that business is up.I also see that you have a lot of shows listed where you are selling your products.  Nothing says "stale" like a list of past events in the coming events page.  Keep this page updated.  If you are planning to go back to some of these fairs, etc next year but the dates aren`t set yet, then put the estimated date on your future show list.Also, ask for a link to your site on their site, even if you have to buy it (as in an ad or sponsorship).  This will greatly enhance your search engine optimization.
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