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Site critique and more needed

turkishturkish subscriber Posts: 5
edited April 2007 in Website Critique
I was wondering if some people could take the time to go through our site and let us know what you think about the design, product, and possibly things that we should add in the near future.
Your time and work would be greatly appreciated and if you find yourself interested in any products that we offer all of those who take the time and respond will receive 20% off, but only if interested.
site: Poofbags.com
Just Pm me please...turkish2007-4-19 16:24:58


  • nathan480nathan480 subscriber Posts: 1
    I really like the picture grid on the landing page. It looks like a great way to show off as many products as possible.
    One thing I didn`t like however was the "Lounging Fun" page. It doesn`t seem to really have a defined point. E-mailing a record/artist that you listen to while lounging in your "Fuf" chair, just doesn`t seem to fit right in context of the website.
    Everything else looks great!
  • smurph05smurph05 subscriber Posts: 2
    I would be interested to know what your keywords are. I have never heard of fuf or foof before and would be unlikely to use those search terms. I would search for beanbag chairs myself. Are fuf and foof common?
  • turkishturkish subscriber Posts: 5
    It`s becoming more and more popular these days... most of our customers are parents and college students, lately we`ve been getting a lot of orders from businesses and we received a ton of requests for information in regards to volume sales to companies and non-profits.We are still playing with the idea of capitalizing on the opportunities (companies and non-profits) but i`m kind of stuck myself. Any input would be great but please PM me to keep this topic relevant to the forum section.Thanks again for the critique I am taking notes on every bit of info provided... and still if you want to the 20% off for adding your input just PM me
  • ChuckChuck subscriber Posts: 6
    Is it possible to integrate the shopping cart into the overall design of the site? Little disconcerting (to me) to be taken off of the regular site once items are added.
  • turkishturkish subscriber Posts: 5
    That`s what we were hoping to do with 2CO but we are still doing research...
  • EmilyPEmilyP subscriber Posts: 0
    The site is definitely fun, I`ll give you that! Between the colors, the images, the apparel, and the music list, I can see that you are trying to go beyond selling just your product, to selling the Foof Bag experience. One thing though, are "foof," "fuf," and "poof" all the same thing? Three different keywords are kind of confusing... 
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