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Could We Create a Business Together?



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    HairConspiracyHairConspiracy subscriber Posts: 3
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    ishopbuysellishopbuysell subscriber Posts: 0
    Sounds like a winning idea. I own the domain name Cybermall.com, which I procured in the early days of the Net. The timing of your idea stopped me in my tracks, as it just happens that the Cybermall.com domain name is currently in suspended animation while planning for a new Cybermall.com business has been getting underway. I believe a high level of commitment and talent do exist in this group. Therefore I would entertain scrapping my existing plans for Cybermall.com and throwing the Cybermall.com domain name into the ring for this project. It`s one of the best names on the internet; and this group could probably make it one of the most profitable... Let me know if the startup team would like to use this resource.   
    Michael Cheli
     ishopbuysell2006-10-13 0:59:53
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    ishopbuysellishopbuysell subscriber Posts: 0
    Thanks....& Great Pitch!
    Michael Cheli
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    ernster1ernster1 subscriber Posts: 0

    I`ll tell what buddy? I own sex-aholicks.com an adult web site that is gaining recognition through it`s name alone. Brand name at that, i can attack aggressively any market really with this name. I`m game, I have a community of people to bring to the table ( all sex-aholicks by the way, lol.). In any case scenerio, I need help as we all do.
    Here we go, let me undertstand your concept. How is that we as a community could make a corporation and profit when already the site is generating money through advertisement. Really, my purpose to understand this will help me avoid this happening to me when sex-aholicks.com opens up it`s own forum. You see, the purpose for a forum is to attract corporations to pay your site to promote their product after you have several hundred thousands of members in the forum, catch 22 really. Great for bussiness. In my case I will charge other adult web sites to pay me to post their banners. So please help me under their partner cause i want in on this deal.

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    bjflanaganbjflanagan subscriber Posts: 0
    I`d like to
    throw in a disagreement, in the spirit of amicable debate. I`ve been
    following the so-called "green" bottom line [...]I don`t think we really disagree on matters of substance; history certainly bears out your views regarding hunters, fishermen and what might be called natural conservationists -- at least, those among them who are sufficiently rational to understand their own self-interest. On the other hand, there are those who have hunted species to extinction. In the large, I see a dynamic balance between the personal and the social continuing to evolve.I did not say so explicitly, but my comments were directed more toward  profitable new technologies, renewable resources and the like.Returning to hunters and fishermen, one of my favorite ideas has to do with creating large carbon sinks by way of man-made lakes and reservoirs. A system of pipelines and canals could shunt water away from where it`s abundant (New Orleans, e.g.) to where it`s most needed -- the increasingly arid west, where wildfires continue to drive us toward a tipping point (which we may have already passed).By creating water parks and venues for sportsmen of all kinds, the system could pay for itself in users` fees. bjflanagan2006-10-13 13:21:15
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    cmmexpressioncmmexpression subscriber Posts: 1
    I am Vietnamese, and now I live in Vietnam. Starting-up a business is the thing that always on my mind. Actually, recently I`ve just bought a domain name called "www.startupambition.com". I want to create a place for Vietnamese Business Men but I have  few ideas. First of all, My site offers free ebooks( IT, Business, English Learning Ebooks..).Second, it showes as many useful articles as I collect from different sites (startupnation.com...)Thirdly, My site also offers video training, business softwares that I`ve collected ( Quickbooks 2006, Business Plan Pro,....)But what I actually want is a community - (in Vietnam). You know that may be in November 7th, Vietnam will be the member of WTO, and thinking about it does not waste time.So Jeff, can you give me some advices.Thank you very much
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    rocknroll333rocknroll333 subscriber Posts: 2
    It is possible to create a virtual company. I did and its going great. I met my business partners on myspace and we floated ideas back and forth via email. Once we had a great concept of creating a socially conscious rock and roll clothing line, we developed the business plan and created our online e-commerce store.
    The trick to having a successful company is having a team of experts or people willing to become experts in the industry chosen. All the team members need to not only pull thier weight but be passionate about the corporate concept. Rather than go off on a tangent with a new type of business start with something close to home..i.e. a business that Jeff, Rich have a good background in first, then expand to other ventures.
    To give an example of this I helped develop a bunch of online flower companies for fortune 500 clients and such like Home Depot etc. I never met the team at Home Depot in person, just conference calls and we created a virtul online flower division. Home Depot already sold a lot of flowers in thier stores and it made sense to offer that type of product to customers who visited thier online store.
    A business model that would make sense for SUN would be a SUN magazine. The magazine can be available online and in print. The members of SUN could be the contributing authors of business content with Jeff and Rich being the executive editors. To see a good sample of an online magazine go to Polo.com and click on magazine. Ralph Lauren turned his fashion empire into a lifestyle brand. He is providing content and even a polo.com tv
    What is it that SUN members do best? Participate in discussions, blogging and appearing on the radio show.
    Revenue can be generated from selling ads, partering with companies for corporate sponsorship like Amazon or Barnes and Noble. Banner ads online. future initiatives could include an online tv show or talk show on a network like PBS.
    The best thing about this idea is that all current Sun posts etc can be used to brainstorm story ideas for the magazine turning sun into a full fledged media company.rocknroll3332006-10-14 14:55:4
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    cdurbinrhpcdurbinrhp subscriber Posts: 7
    This kind of thinking moves and shakes....and isn`t that what this community consists of anyway?  Movers and Shakers!!  I`m all-in!!
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    rocknroll333rocknroll333 subscriber Posts: 2
    One more thing. Have a startupnation contest to find the perfect name for the new magazine and have members vote on name. Then purchase company domain name.
    Creating a new business is tons of work. Anytime you can add some fun and community involvement to a project it makes the hard work worth it.
    The steps to get started on this include a magazine publishing plan and business plan, graphic designer to develop brand logos, webmaster, tons of freelance Sun member authors, photoraphers, a marketing expert, publicist, team to review articles submitted, sales reps for advertising, a finance person to raise funds  & handle finances, art director and production manager.
    "Research institute MRI reports that 84 percent of adults read magazines. Thats a huge market...According to Husni (chair of the journalism department at the University of Mississippi), average profit margins for magazine businesses range from 10 percent to 30 percent" according to Bob Schustedt on magazinelaunch.com
     rocknroll3332006-10-14 20:13:48
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    rpranterprante subscriber Posts: 0
    Hey, this is great! I would love to be involved in something like this! I`ll contribute in any way I can..
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    rocknroll333rocknroll333 subscriber Posts: 2
    Good Idea,
     There probably should be at least a yearly convention for all participants..part of the reward for reaching certain subscription goals etc.
    Craig, since your a writer you definately should participate if this idea is approved and takes off.
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    paulbrownpaulbrown subscriber Posts: 1
    This is my first post on SuN, but I`ve been following this string since the beginning. I tend to agree with those who have said to go the VC/incubator route. I think this would be the best use of all our skills, as well as being more productive and more captivating. You only jump on board those ideas you like. Obviously we all have different interests. In fact, I think I have a great idea for one of the startups.
    One thing I`m struggling with though is distributing equity. .
    Distributing equity can get quite sticky in regards to securities law if I`m not mistaken. Any lawyers on here who can elaborate on equity distribution? I see somewhat of a similarity to a real estate investment trust in that there would be a large number of people with a small to medium investment.
    Just a quick question I thought I`d throw out for discussion. More later.paulbrown2006-10-15 13:51:15
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    sunbirdsunbird subscriber Posts: 1
    jeff, I think it is a fabulous idea with alot         &n bsp;         &n bsp;           realistic possibilitie
    jeff I think it is a fabulous idea, with a plethera of unique possibilities. My mantra augument circumvent implement ones actions and the best is yet to come. Let us all apply our due diligence and commence forward on this soujourne.
                                                      Dr. bart         &n bsp;     
    s.                                 ea, with alot of realist possibilities. MY mantra is augument circumvent and implement the complte process and to nove forward with eexecution and due diligencee forward with execution and due diligence.    Dr. Bart sunbird2006-10-15 15:3:14
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    bjflanaganbjflanagan subscriber Posts: 0
    It seems clear that high tech will be around for a while. Here`s a link to a group with whom we might form common cause:IEEE-USA Entrepreneurs` Villagehttps://www.ieeecommunities.org/ieee.usa.entrestrat_______________________________Seeing what others are doing can help spark fresh thinking:Scientists and researchers from around the world
    have been exhibiting their gadgets at New York`s WIRED NextFest. And
    some of these products have the potential to change lives.

    Computer game controllers do not have to be conventional to be fun

    Novelty technology is not just fun and games, it can also save lives.

    The NextFest exhibition in New York is a celebration of great ideas.

    It has everything from the latest in airline ticket
    security, to a wall of colour you can swish around with your hand, to
    computer software for people in the developing world who cannot read.

    And it is more about ideas and concepts than the latest, greatest cell phone or palmtop computer. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/programmes/c ... /6047600.s tm_______________________Make: Tech on your timehttp://makezine.com/_______________________ThinkGeekhttps://www.thinkgeek.com/
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    paulbrownpaulbrown subscriber Posts: 1
    My apologies, some of the following thoughts may be scattered, but I figured best to get them down on "paper" and then sort it out later. I must admit, many of these thoughts are restatements of things other people wrote in prior posts.I think something similar to an incubator would be the way to go. The incubator would have categories, i.e. manufacture, retail, wholesale, service, high-tech. That way, it is possible for everyone to pursue whatever interests them and find others with the same interests.People could start "projects" under the different categories. If a project garnered enough attention, and enough interest it could become a business or "pod," (I like that since we`re all peas in a pod.) People would get involved in Pods that interest them. At any given time there could be 10 or more different pods going under the SuN umbrella. That would be the overall structure. Now for the business or "pod" structure. Each Pod consists of 4 Branches:
    ExecutiveOperationsFinanceSales/MarketingEach branch has a forum for discussion & voting. Each branch holds 25% of the equity of the business. Each branch consists of 10 members, with one paid branch moderator voted into position by the members of the branch, essentially these moderators would be the CEO, COO, CFO, and CMO. Therefore, the entire organization consists of 40 voting members of which 5 are paid "moderators" or managers. Each member therefore holds 2.5% of the equity of the organization. The oversight committee consists of the 4 moderators plus 4 other members selected from the entire membership, plus 1 member from outside the organization for a total of 9. Salaries and bonuses for any paid positions are decided on by the finance branch, and voted on for approval by the oversight committee. No profit-sharing is disbursed unless & until the finance branch says so and it is agreed to by the oversight committee, so that the solvency of the business is not jeopardized by people seeking a quick buck.. Profit-sharing is distributed evenly among all branches.Seed funding initially comes from the members. Each of the 40 voting members must put up $1000 to be involved in the business and to qualify that they truly are interested in the project and its success, for a startup total investment/valuation of $40,000. Thereafter, the members of the organization may seek additional capital by other means. The organization can seek additional funding from the members or from an outside source upon an affirmative vote of 2/3 of the full membership.
    Members may be voted out of the membership by 2/3 vote of the membership at any time, providing that member is reimbursed for at least the amount of their initial investment. Members may also elect to leave the organization. In the event a member elects to leave the organization or is voted out, the organization has the right of first refusal to repurchase the stock. If the organization declines to repurchase the stock, it will be put up for auction among the remaining members.All matters of the business will be discussed in open forum when possible, with decisions ultimately made by the moderator of the branch (a la representative democracy.)An annual pod membership fee of $xxx per year or 2% of gross income, whichever is greater goes to SuN or whoever oversees the umbrella program.That`s my thoughts for now.
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