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Could We Create a Business Together?



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    carlcarl subscriber Posts: 0
    How about counting up the creatives here and defining the categories to see if a onlne creative services group can become a startup?
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    ciwordworkerciwordworker subscriber Posts: 0
    I think it`s a terrific idea -- and beyond something that can be implemented successfully.  I have thought about doing this kind of thing for some time but lacked the "community" to follow through on it.  Count me in.
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    FUSIONFUSION subscriber Posts: 0
    Hello All, This is my first posting:
    Like any good company there needs to be the foundation or vision to see the process through. I think this type of organization would look very much like a Virtual Company.
    The most important thing would be to designate which idea (not ideas) to base the Virtual Company on, then those members of SUN can then view which parts would relate to them, and whether thier part would warrant equity ownership and at what percentage.
    once, the ground rules are laid out and everyone involved has a clear picture of thier duties, then I think this could be a very successfull venture. I think with the great minds of inovation that power SUN, it could not possibly fail, but a solid foundation is key.
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    OilGuruOilGuru subscriber Posts: 0
    Hi Jeff,
    Sounds like a fantastic idea. Throw my hat in the ring to handle all vehicle maintenance and all manufacturing equipment maintenance logisticst which are currently in use and proposed. Every business has these types of expenses and I`ll show you how to cut those very same expenses 20 - 60 percent. I have a "Looong" reach, covering the 50 states and all of Canada.
    Albert "AL" Rich, ADR Oil Company; www.ADRoil.com</A> 1-866-364-5489
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    rossbrossb subscriber Posts: 5
    I don`t know if Jeff and Rich have time to baby sit another project. Who is the ships captain? This is probably my biggest question as well, there has to be someone who is, in the end, responsible for making the final decisions.  Jeff, is it you or is it someone else?About consensus...I can`t say that it doesn`t work because I use to do a lot of work for the HP printer division (HP`s money makers) and they made a lot of product decisions based upon group consensus.  However, it was that process that caused a lot of delays, headaches and major inefficiencies in their product cycles.  As such, I am pretty much against any kind of consensus model.That`s not to say that a good leader doesn`t get input or that that input is just ignored, all I`m saying is that I believe it is important that there be a clear decision maker...R-
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    flipitflipit subscriber Posts: 0
    Dear Jeff, I think it`s a great idea!!!!!
    I would be willing to put my patents up for the project if anyone is interested.
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    BreadJunkieBreadJunkie subscriber Posts: 0
    I been thinking about all the collective knowledge within this community and how can we spread this wisdom about being an entreprenuer to others, especially our children. 
    I would like to see us start-up - SUNU - Start Up Nation University.  Develop an entire cirriculum on the art, science, and facts on start-ups.  Provide "certifications" for those who could provide teaching to our schools around the country.  We are only as good if we can deliver our knowledge to students, who for the most part never acquire this education.
    Thought, ideas???
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    TRDesignTRDesign subscriber Posts: 1
    I think that is a really killer idea, count me in!
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    rossbrossb subscriber Posts: 5

    We already have this voluntary advice interaction, much like networking
    in the physical world. It leads to the thought of making money, but I
    wonder if that`s actually possible. There`s fun in providing advice in
    our free time, without any constraints, rules, or restrictions, on a
    "feel-like-it" basis. But to start doing it for money puts a very
    different spin on the whole process.Aint` that the truth...R-
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    SolidGrndSolidGrnd subscriber Posts: 11
    I am so interested to see where this all goes! What a cool idea! I am pretty good at research...if you need any of that...and I can type up a storm! I was in sales for about 7 years prior to baby...and try to keep up with the trends and what have you!  
    Anyway...can`t wait to see how this all develops!
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    jodijodi subscriber Posts: 0
    Lets talk about the business concept, I like the idea of inventions, I am sure we all have one we would like to get off the ground? I have many. Share your thoughts on this. And for instance if this does get off the ground what about the website for inventors through SuN on how to price, market, sell etc.There are so many avenues for products to be made over seas cheap!
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    flipitflipit subscriber Posts: 0
    Dear Jodi,
    Hi, my name is Robert Meza. I was thinking that a good start for my invention would be the small collage bookstores.I submitted my product to Texas A&M
    Corpus Christi (texas) and it was approved.I had a millionare partner that was only interested in a tax rightoff and never wanted to sell any of the products. I retook possesion of my patents and want to look at the posablitys of starting the business again with people that want to make money. Any ideas would be welcomed my number is (361)939-7685
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    DesDes subscriber Posts: 0
    Count me in.  It feels a bit odd to have found a group out of the
    ordinary that thinks the way I do, scary but in a good way!  Keep
    me posted! 
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    sddreamweaverssddreamweavers subscriber Posts: 5 Member

    Hey Everybody....Great comments....and even better enthusiasm! I think this idea has merit, but as has been pointed out, there are logistical challenges. I think we should try to work through them. Let`s test the idea by actually trying to make something happen.
    The first step is to explore business ideas. I think an online business makes the most sense since we will be a virtual company - all operating from each of our own homebase. Maybe an e-commerce company???
    Just to throw something out there....does anybody think there might be merit in creating a branded e-commerce store which specializes in products - software, hardware, etc. - focused on preventing identity theft and ensuring privacy?? I know this is a hot area. For example, take a look at the simple example of what`s happened in the personal paper shredder market. Silly as it sounds...you see lots of new brands, sales are brisk, and the reason is because people don`t want to throw out documents without destroying them first because they are concerned about identity theft and privacy issues. This is an example of a hardware product line which could be offered. And the examples go on and on....
    Just a thought....I`m open to ideas from others, but I have the feeling this could make for a hot business idea.
    I for one am willing to work on the business plan, provide strategic guidance, and be responsible for raising money.
    We need people who can do web development, merchandising, product sourcing, branding, PR and marketing, and of course we need people who could operate the company.

    Did you ever consider finding a way to take the collective experiences on this forum as they are many and varied and start a consulting service?  If you`re going to start a company of this sort you have to consider that people will want to do things from home and not move or relocate, right?
    I keep thinking of the Tony Robbins `modeling` success theory and putting it into practice with the collective on this board.
    It`s just an idea.  Anyone want to add to this?
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    IgotIssuesIgotIssues subscriber Posts: 1

    SUN Community...
    What do you think????

    Count me in as well and let me know when you`re ready to hear some ideas.  I have several that I think could work in this format.
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