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Need Marketing advice for B2B service company

pookiepookie subscriber Posts: 1
edited November 2006 in Marketing
I am a physician that runs a small group of docs that fill in for other docs when they are gone.  I am looking for advice on the following issues:
1) How to market: (currently I do lunch "meet n` greets" to introduce the company) ( I do have a website) 
2) How to get  more bookings IN ADVANCE (2-3 months in advance)
3)How to over come price objections (cold fact: the top price I can get  is $80/hr, with my docs getting about $70/hr.  Some plumbers earn this.)


  • keyconkeycon subscriber Posts: 34
    A Doc named "pookie" - gotta love it
    Pookie, MD, are you seeking to market locally or nationally?
  • pookiepookie subscriber Posts: 1
  • yourNAMEinDotComyourNAMEinDotCom subscriber Posts: 17
    Pookie,Here`s what I`d do if I were a doctor, or a lawyer for that matter. I have some lawyer friends and I`ve been trying to get them to do this but they`re too chicken. Start giving out free advice on your website and send out a press release that announces that you`re giving free medical advice on your website. The press release should get published once it`s written properly and it is clearly construed that you`re "giving back to the community."If you`re a girl - which you probably are with a name like Pookie (my apologies if you`re not) -  send out the most attractive photo of yourself that you possibly can take, together with the press release. If you`re not female, again, my apoligies and forget this paragraph.  Then, make people register on your website to be able to ask a question. Let them ask their questions and give your answers right there in public on a forum type of website. Then - to protect yourself and also to drum up sales - put at the end of every piece of advice you give a Disclaimer that says something like, "The advice given here is not definitive, yada, yada, yada. Please consult your physician in person for a thorough or physical examination." OK, I`m not going to come up with the disclaimer for you but I think you get the picture, right?Then, without selling yourself, people should start wanting to come to you or at least start asking you who you`d recommend.In my opinion the above would work to achieve all of your objectives. The only way to get rid of price objections is to position yourself as the expert.All the best and let us know how it goes/went,Aleem
  • pookiepookie subscriber Posts: 1
    Yes, my company is a "local locums"--there are 6 of us that fill in at other practices when the usual physicians are gone.  The $80/hr refers to the price a practice pays my company to supply a doc to them.
  • pookiepookie subscriber Posts: 1
    Actually, "meet `n` greets" are an inefficient way to get clients. They cost a fair amount and take significant time.  I am looking for other ways to market.  As to getting advanced bookings, I mean that I would like clients/offices to book one of  my docs further in advance, (like two months) rather than waiting until the last minute.  As to price, the going rate appears to be maxed at $80/hr, which leaves my company with a slim margin.
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