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A computer game idea for the Sims CO.

MydogdollyMydogdolly subscriber Posts: 1
edited March 2009 in Developing Your Invention
     I have an awsome idea for the sims copany, but i don`t know how to... present the idea to them. I don`t want to `give` it to them I would like to sell it to them.
     How would I do that? and since I am still very younge would they even consider looking at the idea? If so what happens next?


  • LSnyderLSnyder subscriber Posts: 0
    Hi Mydogdolly,
    How old are you?  I work for an intellectual property lawyer.  He specializes in this field.  I`m sure he can help you and offers a 1/2 hour free consultation. What you SHOULDN`T do is give out your idea until you have the opportunity to make the idea officially yours, just in case someone else likes your idea and tries to present it without your permission.
    If you are under 18 have a parent call me to schedule an appointment or email me, but we do need a parent involved. My phone number is 908.698.0330 and my email address is [email protected].
  • MydogdollyMydogdolly subscriber Posts: 1
       I don`t like to give out personal information, but I would just say I can`t drive yet. I will talk to my father, and see what he thinks of it. Thank you so much, I realy apriciate your concern. I didn`t think I would get a reciprication.
  • LSnyderLSnyder subscriber Posts: 0
    Hi Sweetie,
    You don`t have to drive.  If you and a parent can both access your phone at the same time, we can do your consultation over the phone.  From there, any other business, if needed, can be done through email.
    It`s a wonderful thing if you get a company to go along with your idea at such a young age! Follow your heart!
    Let me know if your parents would like to set up that consultation.  To get an immediate response from me you can email me direct  [email protected].
    Good Luck!
  • MydogdollyMydogdolly subscriber Posts: 1
         I know we don`t have to drive, but i don`t know what my Father would say about contacting someone I have never met. My dad is the coolest dad ever but he likes to go to people he knows for help local where we live. As he would put it "So if anything goes wrong we know where they live" (He would say with his misgeveous smile) If you ask me I would live to set up the consoltation but I have to talk with my parents wich I haven`t done yet between school, and home work.
  • LSnyderLSnyder subscriber Posts: 0
    Hi Mydogdolly,I completely understand where your father and you are coming from.  You do what you need to do and if you talk and decide to move forward, you have my information and  our website and you can contact me any  time you`d like.  I can assure you that we are a legitimate law firm.Good Luck!Lisa
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