Need advise for an eCommerce business [*-*]

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I live in the state of Florida and I would like to have my own home-based business.  I will be selling clothes online.  I will only be shipping to the U.S. , and I will be choosing the LLC type.  I was thinking to sell through Web site.  It looks like it`s easy to use, since I have no knowledge at building Websites and have little money to pay someone to do it.  Can anyone please offer some advise as what are the steps to follow.  
1) Does anyone here have an online business that can offer some advise?
2) Do I need a special license for ecommerce?
3) Do I need a special license for my home business?
4) Do you have any suggestions for  Do you know of any other Website like  Is it as good as it seems? 
P.S.  Any help is appreciated in advance.  


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