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My site needs help..Looking for a Blog/Web Designer

lbbblbbb subscriber Posts: 5
I am looking for someone to assist me in upgrading or resigning my website/blog. I am currently using http://www.littleblackbookofbeauty.com/. I have some sample sites the I like as well..If anyone is interested in giving me a quote let me know. Any other improvement suggestions would be helpful as well. 


  • PaullieWalnutsPaullieWalnuts subscriber Posts: 1
    Hmm, I came on here to get some advice and as it turns out, I can give some (even though I know so little). Hehe.
    Go to elance.com and people will bid for the opportunity to do your side job. I looked into it awhile ago and it seems that there are tons of professionals (in any category... and, in your case, web design) that will offer different prices based on what you want. You`ll get a number of replies, from professionals that will charge an arm and a leg, to web-savvy college kids that will do it for cheaper. Make sure you check their portfolios so you can judge their work for yourself.
    Good luck!
  • lbbblbbb subscriber Posts: 5
    Thanks I will check it out...Mika
  • JoeJustinJoeJustin subscriber Posts: 1
    lbbb ,
    I build blogs as well as use WEB 2.0 Internet Marketing techniuqes for business.  Check out my site at arsenalmarketing.  I am partial to Wordpress.  Wordpress has an easy to use interface, a large support community and most of the add-ons are free.
    PM me if you want to discuss further. I have a few packages that I can offer you, but I first would like to speak to you about what your goals are. 
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