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Propay for online selling

lbbblbbb subscriber Posts: 5
I have an account with a company called Propay...They offer these instructions on how to incorporate their services into your website.. I do not have the knowledge to intergrate this myself...Does anyone have any suggestions? The instructions are below.. ProPay does offer an XML Interface that allows you to link your web site
or shopping cart to your ProPay Account using XML code. If you are comfortable
with the creation of scripts and/or simple programming (or you have a webmaster
or business associate who is), this option may be for you.


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    vwebworldvwebworld subscriber Posts: 40
    Wow, there is a Fee for the interface:
    In addition to the annual fee for your ProPay Account, additional fees apply for the XML Interface. The fees for the XML Authorization Interface is $395.00 for the first year and $195.00 each year thereafter.
    ProPay is normally used to process payments where you enter the customer`s info yourself. While it can be integated for ecommerce use, it would require lots of additional coding. ProPay does offer an XML Interface that allows you to link your web site or shopping cart to your ProPay Account using XML code however, they don`t offer a "buy button or shopping cart integration.
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    PhoenixStorksPhoenixStorks subscriber Posts: 1
    Propay is a great way to accept credit cards if your customers are NOT going to purchase online. For example if customers call you to purchase the item, for sales reps who take orders while away from home directly face to face with customers, etc.
    It is costly to "integrate" Propay with a website as the prices above reflect. Paypal`s virtual terminal is probably a better fit in this case. Cost is about $30 a month + processing fees.
    In general, the advantage to Propay is that it is less expensive than Paypal in some cases (only a small annual fee instead of a monthly re-occuring one)
    You can still use Propay to process credit cards online if you have a secure server provided by your webhost. Most hosts who offer processing via Authorize.net also have the option to use "manual" processing. The customer inputs their credit card info securely & you "retrieve" it from the administrative side of your site, then you must manually input the CC info into Propay`s website. This process works well if you don`t have much volume, but once you start to get alot of orders, it becomes tedious to input all the credit cards manually.
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