Help me name my buisness.

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Ive just brought a DVD shop in Thailand. As well as having DVDs and VCDs for hire, the shop has 4 rooms with a big screen in each which can be hired out to watch a movie inside the shop.
Im struggling for a name. Any ideas ?
My main criteria in naming the business is to let the people know that inside of this shop is the facility to watch a movie in private, your own private cinema so to speak.
Any ideas appreciated.marcusmarsh2007-1-17 2:41:0


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    How about "The Screening Room?"
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    Watchword, SightSite, Vista, Vigil Pursuit, Sentinal, Observer, Engaged Point
    Watchword: a slogan used to rally support for a cause or a secret word known only to a restricted group, (intriguing and exciting)
    Let me understand this, you buy, hire a space and view the movie, no need to leave.  Why would I, as a consumer, want to view it in your shop and not at home?  I must assume that in Thailand, there is a 24 hour need for viewing.  Someone or group can view a movie while they are on break from work, shopping, educational pursuits, business meetings, travel.  Can they sleep or eat in their hired lounge?  Are you dealing with an intellectual group or common person off the street?  Do you want a wide viewership or a group that is willing to pay a liitle more?
    I hope these suggestions help and you are well on your way to a successful business.
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    1. "Now Playing"
    2. "Now Showing"
    3.  "Marsh Private Theaters"
    4. `Stop And Watch"
    5.  Viewision...DVDs, VCDs-Private Theaters Inside (All On One Sign)
    6. Shop N` View Movie Shop
    7.  Press Play Shop N Watch
    8. Relax and Rewind DVDs and Theaters
    Slice them up and chop them up....mix, match and things like that. I hope this was at least a little helpful!
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    "Lights, Camera...Action"
    I wish you the absolute best in your new venture!
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    Private Eyes. Visual View. Solitare Cinema. Mono Movies.???? is this a viewing room for 1 or a few?
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    InHouse Digital.
    Room with a View.
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