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Living What I Sell: A Work in Progress

experiencemomentumexperiencemomentum subscriber Posts: 1
edited August 2006 in Thought Leadership
As a professional life and executive coach, I teach to my clients the importance of taking responsibility for creating a life that is balanced in mind, body, and spirit. As a busy grad. student, practicing therapist, practicing coach, budding business builder, and person who likes to make time to eat and sleep (note, this post is coming at 1AM), I struggle to "make" time to keep myself balanced.
Getting out of balance can cause our minds and bodies to spin far away from what we`d consider to be optimal functioning - and we do this because we see no other way to accomplish the lofty goals we entrepreneurs tend to set for ourselves. Unfortunately, we don`t always realize, until our bodies rebel against us, that it`s vital to our success to maintain an ongoing awareness of when our batteries need recharging, and when it`s time go for a jog and breath some fresh air, or spend time with friends and family. 
One of the most insightful sayings I`ve come across sums up what could be a long journey into the idea of making sure we remember that there is more to our pursuits than just focused business practice:  "In the beginning, we sacrifice our health to make money and in the end, we sacrifice our money to regain our health."
What are some of the ways you, as entrepreneurs, stay in balance amid the busy work of creating a business?  


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    cheiseltcheiselt subscriber Posts: 1
    Oh! That one hit a bit too close to home for me.  I really have been burning the candle at both ends (i.e. about 4.5 hours of sleep a day) and have gained about 10lbs. in the last six months.I`m not sure if I`m ready to give up my awake time, but I do think I`ll take that jog I should be going on this morning....Thanks for the kick in the pants.  We all need it often when running in startup/survival mode.
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    magicalmagical subscriber Posts: 0
    My Take:
    The plan is, of course, that while full of energy and ideas we can short ourselves some ( or a great deal) on some of our health, and many of the pleasures and relaxations of life so that later we have the resources to have the choices to take much more care of those things.
    Unfortunately, we have no crystal ball, and no certainty we will not damage ourselves in the process. Still in balancing, one has to balance life, and the potential, as well as the immediate and take some risks. Certainly no one ever made it through the rigors of extensive professional schooling on limited resources maintaining absolute balance. Nor has any entrapaneur accomplished setting up his empire in a zen mode. A very nice idea, and a good ideal toward which one works, but should not feel guilty in totally not achieving. . We pay one cost or another whatever our choices. There is always a price.
    "Advise givers" and consultants frequently have never developed the muscle by deprivations and some lack of balance for a time that those who truly achieve and accomplish have developed the coping skills to deal with. I know. I have been in that role with some fantastic achievers and great minds far beyond my own experiences whose ability to translate and utilize my thoughts and suggestions  were amazing as my experience and my knowledge was limited in comparison.  
    Reminds me that those who deal best with pressures and adversity and deprevation  frequently are those who have had the pressures and adversity and deprivation. Those who deal the most poorly are those who have never had to, or never been able to put themselves into the experience of such.
    Compulsive overachievers continually need to evaluate their long term goals and the risks of their choices. etc.
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