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We live in Indiana and my husband just recently -- like two days ago -- was downsized due to the economy.   We have had a home business that is in his name because I am on disability with a disability from a childhood illness that is not going to get better.  I do work part time but not enough to affect disability benefits.   I basically need the medical insurance. So our home business is in my husband`s name.  He just submitted for unemployment benefits and as we were filling out the online application came to the question "Are you self-employed?"    We suddenly realized that our home business may affect his unemployment benefits and we certainly do not make enough to sustain ourselves with the home business.   I`m concerned about raising any red flags with the unemployment office but do not know how to address this issue.   We make maybe $1500/month with the home business -- not enough to live on but certainly we don`t want to walk away from that income either.    Does anyone have any advice?


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    You should check the rules / definitions for your State.
    In general, self-employment does disqualify you for unemployment compensation - HOWEVER - in some States there is an exemption to this rule......., that is, you may still qualify for unemployment IF the self employment is and has been a "side job" where the majority of your income has come from your "employment" (job), and self-employment occurred at the same time as regular employment...AND some other tests.
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    The best suggestion I can make is for your husband to file for unemployment.  Let the unemployment people determine if he qualifies.  Also, don`t lie about the home based business.  You could wind up paying back any funds you receive if your husband doesn`t list the income.  Some states also pay out unemployment if you are under employed.
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