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SSL Certificates and web hosting

seniorbusinessseniorbusiness subscriber Posts: 1
edited April 2008 in Thought Leadership
Hi everyone,
 I have an interesting dilemma.  I have a website that I purchased from a company in Southern Ca. called Roldans.  While the website is professionally built using OS Commerce software, when I go into the admin section to update product, I see a notice that I am not protected by an SSL certificate.  Wanting to do things the right way, I ordered one.  Here is the problem.  When I contact WildWest, they say that they only provide the domain name, not the hosting.  OS Commerce does not host my site and Roldans, who built the site for me, has never answered my repeated emails asking for the host information to install my SSL.
 Has anyone else run into this problem? Any suggestions?  According to the OS Commerce rep, I can change my hosting to them or anyone else since I own the site.  My only concern is if I change hosting, will Roldans cancel their product line?


  • seniorbusinessseniorbusiness subscriber Posts: 1
    Thanks Rabbit Mountain,
    I will give these folks a call.  Hopefully they can expedite the issue for me.
  • seniorbusinessseniorbusiness subscriber Posts: 1

     Hello again Rabbit Mountain and all,


      Just got off the phone with emerchantclub.com tech support.  They do not provide any support for this website I have in question either.  Apparently, only Roldans can provide the answer about my SSL certificate.
      So, back to square one.  I guess the next step is a formal complaint to the BBB.

  • NuevolutionNuevolution subscriber Posts: 30 Bronze Level Member
    Well, it seems to me like you`ve been duped. Let me ask you something? Do you have access to the domain name? How many items do you have on your shopping cart? Which version of Oscommerce are you currently running?
  • seniorbusinessseniorbusiness subscriber Posts: 1
      Yes, I have my own domain name, mjsdecorplus.com.  There are approximately 3000 items on my shopping cart.  I could not find the version of Oscommerce, but the copywrite on the bottom of my admin page is 2003, so I would think it is an older version.  The strange thing is that everything else is there.  I can add and remove products, my home page shows that I take Visa, Mastercard, Discover and Paypal.
      I have a letter from the company welcoming me as an affiliate.  It is just strange that they do not answer my emails.  BTW, I tried to call a couple of times and I got a recording that the voice mailbox was full and not accepting any more calls.
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