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Please check out my site

MJBwebproMJBwebpro subscriber Posts: 2
edited December 2006 in Website Critique
Hey all please check my site out  http://digitalworldelectronics.com/</A>
tell me whats good and bad and what i should improve apond  thanks in advance
MJBwebpro2006-11-22 0:42:58


  • newbiesecuritynewbiesecurity subscriber Posts: 1
    Nice site.  I would recommend showing the prices for the products in the "This Month`s Featured Products."  I think this will draw the customers in more.  For example, the Olympus camera is 62% off!  It would be nice for the customer know about great sales without having to click on each item.
  • LessAccountingLessAccounting subscriber Posts: 1
    Honestly I wouldn`t buy anything from your site, it looks like a homemade site.  I always say, would you buy a TV out of the back of some guy`s van? No, then why would I purchase something from a site that hasn`t be built by a pro.A few minor design tweaks and the site could rock, the logo is very homemade looking as well.
  • pbnusapbnusa subscriber Posts: 0
    I agree.  It`s a great site.  The only thing that I might suggest is that you include the price on your featured products on the homepage.  Otherwise you have a really nice site.
  • InactiveMemberInactiveMember subscriber Posts: 12
    The site design is very good. I disagree with the comments about the logo looking "handmade". At any rate, who cares if it looks handmade? My mother used to make cookies that didn`t look like the cookies in the store. Do you think I ever said no to a cookie?
    I think there`s a larger issue. Why would I buy something from your site that I could just as easily buy from target.com or bestbuy.com? For price savings? The site doesn`t do a very good job communicating the position of your service relative to the competition, other than price. Since I cannot verify that you have the lowest prices ... without some work on my part ... I think it`s a hard sell.
    Just my half dollars worth. [2 cents adjusted for inflation.]
  • LessAccountingLessAccounting subscriber Posts: 1
    Your website reflects your professionalism, its not like baked goods.    Would you purchase an item from a person that sold them out of a van?  Probably not, so why would I want to purchase items from a vendor who isn`t willing to spend money on their web presence.  Its a sad fact but true, people judge you on your looks and your "looks" is your website.
    LessAccounting2006-12-8 1:8:15
  • InactiveMemberInactiveMember subscriber Posts: 12
    How about if I flip the argument around? I am a very attractive man. Lots of people approach me and stare at me and ask me out on dates. In fact, I get treated better ... generally ... because I`m a striking mix of cute and handsome. People, especially females, fall all over themselves in my presence. Would you go out on a date with someone just because they were extremely attractive? Is that the only criteria? Would you buy something from a store just because it had a nice logo? Is that the only criteria? There are lots of homespun businesses that do very well. Can we talk about market position now?
  • MJBwebproMJBwebpro subscriber Posts: 2
    hey, thank you to all for your input and to member"LessAccounting " if you think my site "looks homemade" and you wouldn` t buy from my site that`s great you realize you have other site`s to buy from my site has been up for only 5 months and i get to date on average of 2-6 orders per days now since the holiday dash has been underway the site has gone cazy. back to the comment from "LessAccounting" said "a vendor who isn`t willing to spend money on their web presence" i have a very strong web  presence just to name a few that we are very active in ( shopping.com, froogle, shopzilla, bizerate, pricegrabber also we`re listed in google 69,000 times! again to all thanks for your input this is a great community to be apart of .  Wishing all a safe Merry Christmas! & Happy New!
    Michael J. Barnard, President and CEO digitalworldelectronics.com     
  • InactiveMemberInactiveMember subscriber Posts: 12
    You`re welcome MJB. In another post I called LessAccounting out on his behavior. He likes to throw out one liners and nasty comments without adding anything helpful. LessAccounting! Would you care to add something of value? If you think his logo looks unprofessional then please point him in the right direction. Can you give him a few pointers? Anyone can come into this forum and throw stones. The point of these forums is to turn those stones into bricks and help people build houses. Get it?
  • MJBwebproMJBwebpro subscriber Posts: 2
    well said the point of this forum is to give solutions not go round and round .
    by the way great points "cookie monster" for President!!!!       LoL

  • ChuckChuck subscriber Posts: 6
    One nitpicky point - the font color you use when a user hovers over one of the top navigation options is extremely close to the background color - small pet peeve, I would just always want the text to stand out with hover or without.
  • exinthecityexinthecity subscriber Posts: 4
    I really love your website. It is very well designed, I love the way you have products laid out and all the links i clicked on were fast and led to more great pictures!!! The only thing is what differentiates you from everyone else? Perhaps it just needs a statement of value - why they should stay on your site and actually buy things...what is your differentiator?? do you have a tagline?  I love teh site though...nice job!
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