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Help! LLC questions - should combine or separate?

mike8712mike8712 subscriber Posts: 2
edited September 2006 in Business Planning
So, a fellow entrepreneur and I are working on a new business which will
be fueled from the website we are currently developing. As a sidenote,
we also have subsequent business ideas we will work on after we finish
this which also will involve some web applications too.

My question is now we are at a point where we are bringing on another
person whose sole responsibility will be to finish the website application
and stay involved with the engineering of the site. We are offering him a
small ownership in return, and if things go well, we will use his services
on future businesses if mutually agreed upon.

My question is, as we are now working on the LLC paperwork, should we
simply create 1 company between the 2 main partners and then re-work
it as we go along and add the individual businesses, or should we we just
treat each business idea as it`s own LLC. Thanks for any advice!mike87122006-9-27 7:8:18


  • tojealcatojealca subscriber Posts: 5
    I would talk with a good coperate lawyer first, but here is my idea for what it is worth.
    Start a C or S corp, that is owned by the two origional partners, start an LLC or LLP for the web side of things that is owned by the tree of you.  The LLC or LLP could or would or should fall under the S or C corp as a company under that coperate umbrella.
    Just a thought!
  • mike8712mike8712 subscriber Posts: 2
    Thanks Tony,

    The more I read about the different ways the more confused I get. We are
    definitely going to meet with an attorney and try to do it right from the start.
  • infiniqueinfinique subscriber Posts: 0 Member
    It's better to keep all the different businesses separate. However, you could make sure you get a proof of concept before you think further.
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