Marketing firm or Business/web consultants ?

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Hey Everyone,
So I have a new social networking site coming out soon.  I have very little experience with starting and running a business, let alone a website, so I was wondering, what kind of help should I get.  A Web Marketing firm or a business/web consultants.  Would love top hear your thoughts.  Thanks!


  • robertjrobertj Tampa Bay, Floridasubscriber Posts: 0 Member
    Given the information you supplied, I would first look to find a general business consultant or someone with good business experience who will be your mentor.
    In the long run you will be better off having the above help/ support while defining what else you need and selecting the appropriate resources.
  • vapourlockvapourlock subscriber Posts: 4
    If I were you, I would love to learn everything on the job - including running a business.
    All I need to do is the following :
    1. Develop and run systems
    2. Do sales. Over and Over again
    3. Document everything and leverage.
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