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What are the Tips & Tricks to Rapidly Growing a New Business

ObsidianLaunchObsidianLaunch subscriber Posts: 7
edited July 2007 in Selecting a Business
I am seeking suggestions on different Tips & Tricks to rapidly growing a new business.  This is a generic question, and doesn`t apply to a specifc business, but I want to compile ideas for all types of new small companies. 
Any out of the box ideas on Financing, Marketing, Staffing, Selling, Operations, Accounting, etc. would be very much appreciated. Thanks.


  • stonesledgestonesledge subscriber Posts: 608 Silver Level Member
    You have to get out there. Let folks know that you are in business. You need to fill a need and find the folks who fit that need and get them on board with your business. You have to build a solid relationship, have great service and just because you think you have someone on board.....that is not where you stop. Treat every client/customer as if they were your first sale at all times...don`t get lax with a client because they have been with you a while. That will create word of mouth and that is what will build your business. Focus on not only new business but sustaning and growing the relationships you already have. If you can do this by multiplying your own system by using reps of your company to do the same....this will multiply your efforts and then grow your business. Remember to always listen to your customer, even if it hurts...and fix any issues in your system. Be solid and spread the word.
  • Sandra YanceySandra Yancey subscriber Posts: 34 Bronze Level Member
    • Hire the right people
    • Remember that people work for people, not companies.
    • Know what you do and what you don't do.
    • Be adaptable
    • Focus on your customer experience
    • Always think ahead
    • Adapt Your Current Practices and Systems
    • Figure Out What's Causing Growth

  • Justin evansJustin evans subscriber Posts: 69 Bronze Level Member
    edited August 2018
    I totally agree with @Sandra Yancey
    You must have right people for the right job. This is what makes things more easy and robust and cal help you to grow your business. Keep your self update with the fast moving market. Keep things more user-friendly and clear so that can customer can easily get your idea what are you offering.
    You must have to be sharp enough to make a strategy and try to be more unique and a step ahead from your competitors. Conduct online survey and figure out what can cause a growth. learn more from the link below

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  • jordanmcclurejordanmcclure subscriber Posts: 15 Bronze Level Member
    Some tips to help scale your business quickly.

    1. It's all about the data - the more you know, the more you can grow
    The data you need to be looking at can come from a variety of sources and often revolves around customers and potential clients, and it includes:
    • How customers move through your sales funnel
    • How long it takes to convert
    • How long they remain a customer
    • What causes them to leave/stay
    • How they engage with you
    • What attracts their attention
    • What their pain points are
    • What are the biggest issues with your product/service
    2. Keep things as simple as possible - Complexity kills performance. Keeping your processes simple makes it easy to stay engaged with clients and helps to drive efficiency.

    3. Ask for help when you need it - 
    Too often, entrepreneurs and business owners view asking for help as a sign of weakness, and they struggle on alone with the help they need is often just a phone call away.
    But asking for help is not a sign of weakness, on the contrary, it is actually a sign of strength, a willingness to be vulnerable in front of others.

    4. Be adaptable - You need to be firm in the goals that you have set, but flexible and adaptable in how they will be met. Harnessing and cultivating the ability to switch quickly directions in response to the market is key to success. Go where your ideal customers are, do your research, adapt; it will pay off! 

  • AntonSCAntonSC subscriber Posts: 10 Bronze Level Member
    Content marketing is a way to go. Create something that could be useful to your customers and throw the links to your website. This may include articles (web 2.0 blogs, medium), infographics (pinterest). And connect with the influencers so they hopefully would include some links to your content. 
  • Ankit SinghAnkit Singh subscriber Posts: 18 Bronze Level Member
    frankly speaking bro! there is no shortcut to grow your business rapidly, you have dedicate yourself fully for your business success, try various marketing platform, make connections with other industry experts, identifies the flaws in a process or on your website, find a trustworthy partner, know their experiences... And it's just a start.

    Developing a business is take whole lot efforts and many sleepless-nights good luck!!
  • AurawomenAurawomen subscriber Posts: 1 Member

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  • john mayerjohn mayer subscriber Posts: 2 Member

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  • David WoodDavid Wood subscriber Posts: 21 Bronze Level Member

    It is vary from business to business. For example if you are running e commerce business for rapid increase in audience you can offer them free delivery and if you are running a restaurant you may give different discounted deals at the start of the business. You need to notice whatever the business is it fulfill the customers requirements and your offers are better than other.

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