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I am a new member and just want to introduce myself. I stumbled on this site several weeks ago and have found myself visiting more and more frequently as of late. As an aspiring entrepreneur seeking ways to connect with like-minded people, this site and its forums seem to be just what I`ve been looking for.
I look forward to making positive contributions to all discussions and learning much from all of you as well!


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    Thanks, Craig!
    My biggest aspiration is (and always has been) to start my own business. Not just to buy a job, but to create a profitable and scalable business that will allow me to achieve all my long-term personal goals. I`ve researched many different industries and opportunities over the years, but none have met even my most basic requirements. A few weeks ago, however, I read an article on the personal concierge/errand services industry that really piqued my interest. I see a lot of potential within a field that seems to be in its infancy right now. So much so that I`ve begun writing a business plan for what I hope will be a startup I can launch in the next month or two. Good industry-specific information has been hard to come by so far, so I`m hoping my fellow SuN members can fill in some of the blanks for me as I go.
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    Welcome NewBizMD...
    The entrepreneurial bug is incurable!
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    Welcome to the SuN Mike!!!!! Wish you great success!
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    Thanks to all for the warm welcome!
    Craig, I share your view that most businesses must eventually look for ways to expand and compete on an international level. The US just isn`t the dominant economic force that it once was and that isn`t going to change for the better any time soon. For me personally, though, (and assuming your last question was not rhetorical) I believe the local and regional market areas available to me at this time will afford me a substantial base of potential clients.
    I`m curious what others plying their trade in the personal services fields think about this, though. Have any of you reached (or even nearing) the saturation point within your own local/regional markets? If so, which of your service offerings have most helped you achieve that level of success? I am considering focusing on a single type of service rather than the range of services offered by most concierge/errand services. I`d love to know what is working well for the rest of you.
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    Welcome fellow entrepreneur!
    Feel free to share any ideas or ask any questions.
    Good luck!
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    Ah, that makes sense and I hadn`t thought of that angle. Thanks for helping me widen my scope as I continue with my market research. Still trying to nail down the most viable niche to pursue within the broader industry at this point.
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    I was in the restaurant business for 10 years before moving on to a second career in mortgage lending (I`m one of the few that left the biz voluntarily, I might add ). Though the two industries may not seem to have much in common, both require working with extreme urgency, strong multi-tasking skills, and knowing how to serve very demanding people (guests in the former, brokers and AE`s in the latter). I not only excelled in all those areas, I also thrived on overcoming the types of challenges that seemed to overwhelm others I worked with.
    More recently and while at home managing the sale of my house, I saw firsthand how difficult it would have been to coordinate and manage all those personal tasks during a 9-5 workday. That event is what actually created the "aha" moment that lead me to begin researching this field. From what I`ve learned to this point, it`s a great match for my core skill sets.
    I`m still new to posting, so let me know if I`m chewing up too much of the scenery..
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    Hello there, I`m new (today 09/17) from Texas!  Blessed to be here.  I was wondering if anyone knows how I can get an answer for starting up my own business in the insurance industry?  I am going thru the process of getting licensed with Farmers Insurance, but am not sure what all is involved, wanted to know if anyone had some info??? 
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    I agree and found that to be true as I began researching the industry. It didn`t take me very long to realize I don`t have resources like that to draw from. That`s why I`m leaning towards a model that focuses less on helping my clients find resources to get work done in their homes and more on helping them overcome scheduling conflicts once they have done so.
    I`m at the point now where I`m trying to determine (1) if there is a large enough market for the service I can offer and (2) what potential clients would pay for that service. If the answers to either of those questions wouldn`t allow me to grow a profitable and scalable business, I`ll scrap the concept and go back to the entrepreneurial drawing board.
    Thanks for poking holes, Craig. This is exactly what I was hoping for when I joined SuN!
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    Agreed, and brainstorming can never be overdone!
    Honestly, though, I`m looking for a complete change of venue and am fortunate to have the resources to develop this new concept as slowly as I need to. I know there`s a big chance I could fail, but it`s a calculated risk I can afford to take right now. At the very least, I know whatever I learn from this will help subsequent ventures be more successful.
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