How do you initiate contact?

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Hi guys, I`m running an online store selling unique origami roses, and we`re targeting american and european buyers. I`m based in Malaysia.Since the roses are also available in bulk ( and we want to establish a supply chain to certain stores in the US ), i`m now cracking my head at figuring an effective way to initiate contact with the store owners. We want to be able to sell bulk roses to restaurants/hotel/wedding planner stores that need the roses - should I just use plain e-mail to initiate contact?What should i mention in the email? I`m afraid that they`ll just pass off the email as some spam from Asia. ( yes it happens )What do you guys think? I`m from outside of the US, trying to get inside the US, which isn`t easy at all i realized.


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    mikechong... One step you have already done correctly. Become an active member of the Startup Nation! Although it doesn`t create credibility, it does add to it. Your products look well made and very beautiful. Welcome to SuN.
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    thanks Vincent appreciate it
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    Hello Mike -
    Have you considered hiring/contracting a direct sales person (distributor) in your target markets?  A person who can make the calls, visit the shops and attend events in a few cities in specific target areas. Or a beautiful direct mail peice that you send to gift shop owners, flower shop owners and the like?  I agree with CraigL and connecting with conventions that target your clientle.  I would also ad getting into catalogues that target your market.
    Dr. LA
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