Which page to optimize?

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OK, looking for some advice from the search engine marketing experts.
I know there is some discussion as to the wisdom of optimizing (ie, attempting to generate external links directing toward) your home page vs optimizing a different page (product page or popular info page, for instance). From what I hear, generally the latter option tends to be more popular.
My question is a little different:
I`m a couple months away from having a book I recently wrote (about tax topics for sole proprietors) being available on Amazon. Now, I`ll have a page on my site that is designed to market the book as well. But all potential buyers are simply going to be directed to the book`s page on Amazon.
So, which page to optimize? The marketing page on my site, where I can completely control the content? Or the book`s page on Amazon, which is where they`d have to buy it anyway?
Some initial thoughts: Sending them directly to Amazon makes it seem more likely they`d click through to a competing book and buy that one instead. However, I`m a big fan of making the process as simple as possible for the buyer.  Also, a book`s page on Amazon can be a very powerful sales tool (buyer reviews for instance), not to mention the important fact that readers are already familiar with Amazon and comfortable buying there.
So, anybody else with thoughts/suggestions?
Thanks ahead of time,
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