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NuEdgeDesigns.com - Critique.

mikejarrellmikejarrell subscriber Posts: 1
edited May 2009 in Website Critique
Hello, I`m new here, a colleague of mine uses this site, and got some really great advise with his website so I decided to give it a shot.
I am just getting my web design company seriously rolling, It`s been in the process for about 3 years now, working off of word of mouth, and I do a really great job at producing websites that get my clients all the results that they need and more.  However when going back to my personal business website, to hopefully tap into the online market to get potential clients, I`ve run into a wall.  I don`t know if my website just isn`t attracting the right users, or if I`m not selling my services well enough.
I`m wondering if any of you could please critique my business site: NuEdgeDesigns.com and please let me know if you would buy into my services if you needed a website, if so, what sold you, if not, what turned you off?
Thanks ahead of time, I`m looking forward to the critiques.


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    WeblineWebline subscriber Posts: 13 Bronze Level Member
    Just my opinion ... the clip at the top left is annoying ... it doesn`t stop and moves way too fast. You seem to offer a lot of information, which is good.
    I`m surprised that you aren`t utilizing meta tags and unique page titles. Also, your alt tags could be refined, and perhaps link titles would be helpful for SEO.
    Keep in mind that there are boatloads of web designers out there, and getting traffic/visitors/customers will be challenging based on the amount of competition you have.
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