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Business Cards - Blank or Magnetic backing?

mikestrockmikestrock subscriber Posts: 1
edited April 2007 in Grab Bag
It may seem like a trivial question.  My wife and I are starting a new business, side business for now, and are looking at creating business cards.  Do people find business cards with blank backs more useful than magnetic backed business cards?This business will be a photography business, aimed at families/parents who are tired of the `big box retailers` way of doing things.  We will also offer photography for birthday parties, events, etc, as well as on site portraits. Thoughts from the community please?Thank you!    


  • mikestrockmikestrock subscriber Posts: 1
    Great thoughts.  I appreciate the feedback.  Agree, it isn`t something like  a pizza place or a vet that will be contacted as frequently as one of those places....paper would probably be best.  Less expensive too. :
  • NuevolutionNuevolution subscriber Posts: 30 Bronze Level Member
    Mike? Magnetic Business Cards are good for marketing only? Although, they are handy to have on the fridge they don`t serve much purpose but to hold your 1st graders first I Love you Dad and Mom finger paint drawing. Also, Magnetic Business Cards, can give you a bad rep or loose customers if they customers decide to stick it in their wallet with the magnet facing the same was as their Bank Card magnetic strip... Although your intention was good, the outcome might get some of your customers mad.I would suggest going with the regular White back or full color business cards. use the front for the Logo and www.mybusiness.com and the back to add your products or services.
  • dconnerdconner subscriber Posts: 0
    Our general business cards have a short bullet list on the back, yet we`ve kept  plenty of white space and no IV coating for notations.  Then as suggested earlier, we developed an attractive mag. that we mail out with all inquiries.  Our Magnet is business card size, uses a great photo that protrays our business to our potential client.  Combining attractive and functional is important.  This way they keep it around (hopefully on the frig).  When they need us, they know where to find us. 
  • emb806emb806 subscriber Posts: 0

    I have both the plane everyday cards used to hand out.
  • jenidlgjenidlg subscriber Posts: 2
    This is a related topic to business cards but also delves into another topic.  I ordered 500 Biz cards when I started my business last November.  Because 99% of my clients are NOT in my area of the country, I do not ever find much opportunity to give out said biz cards.  I was advised that a bulk mailing would be an ineffiective use of my budget.  I should mention I am a Virtual Assistant specializing in General Admin Support and Real Estate support. 
    Any suggestions on other marketing ideas for using the 485 cards I have left?
  • NuevolutionNuevolution subscriber Posts: 30 Bronze Level Member
    It is hard to tell you what your budget should be. But if you shop around for all three things you might get a better deal, than doing everything one by one.
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