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Hi from NJ - Medical Supply Store

mikosmikos subscriber Posts: 1
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Hi all.
Have to say this is a great site and forum.  Tons of useful information and I`m hoping to learn even more starting with this post.
I am planning to start a medical supply store online with a focus on folks with dimentia.  I had a father with Alzheimer`s disease and experienced firsthand what products were helpful and how some of those could be improved.  With the unfortunate growth predicted I believe this could truly be helpful to people and an opportunity (the best of both worlds).  My big sticking point thus far is the following:
- How to source potential suppliers?  This is a biggie as there are tons of sites out there that claim to be wholesalers that really are retailers.
I`m working on my business plan that I hope to have a fairly complete version of shortly.  However, I`m looking for more information or a mentor to help me on my journey.  Any references you may have, please forward my way.
Thank you all in advance.  Exctied to be here.


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    mikosmikos subscriber Posts: 1
    Thank you very much as that is very helpful.  I would imagine it would be very frustrating to go down the same path constantly. 
    My other thought is to find some "off the beaten path" stores and find products that I`d like to have on my site.  Then either contact that company as a potential supplier.  Finding a product at Walmart/etc wouldn`t make much sense as they are obviously going for volume and would be tough to compete with them. 
    I guess the key is finding as many of the product creators as possible and trying to work out distribution deals. 
    I will say one thing, this is certainly a learning experience.
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    mikosmikos subscriber Posts: 1
    Excellent idea. I actually kicked this around a few years back (great procrastinator). I actually already registered withalzheimers.com a few years back.

    Great idea. Thanks.
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    vwebworldvwebworld subscriber Posts: 40
    I did some work for an online medical supply store. http://www.southwestmedicals.com/</A> 
    The have a variety of products. But you might try contacting the owner an ask about sources of product.
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