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EMail Marketing B2B - How to get opt-ins?

StartupMike80StartupMike80 subscriber Posts: 2
edited January 2009 in Marketing
Hi everyone,
By the end of this year I will be launching a web based business that generates leads for a particular business segment. I am researching various ways to market to these businesses. So far I`ve thought of, direct mailing, PPC, and email marketing. I have ready access to all of the addresses & email information of nearly all of the businesses I`ll be marketing too. The obvious kicker is, I can`t just send these people unsolicited emails.
I`ll be using direct mailing on a small scale, but email marketing can potentially be very cost effective (especially since I`m on a very tight biz budget). So, I wanted to see if anyone had any experience/ideas on how to get businesses to opt-in to your emailing list?


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    redfishredfish subscriber Posts: 10
    Provide valuable information on your website and get it linked to.  I get signups to my newsletter from people who visit the website.  But I get visits to the website by participating in forums, writing articles for other websites, ect... Provide help, provide information of value and you`ll prove you`re expertise and people may sign up.
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    StartupMike80StartupMike80 subscriber Posts: 2
    Thanks for the feedback. Unfortunately, even mentioning my site on the forums related to my market will most likely result in a ban. That includes just having a link in my signature. They have pretty strict rules on this. What they do have is adsense ad blocks that I can target. That`s fine, but only a fraction of these business visit these forums, so I`m trying to find ways to reach them via email. But, getting them to opt-in is the tricky part.
    Any further suggestions?
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    onlineoutboxonlineoutbox subscriber Posts: 0

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