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Need ideas

sunmicromansunmicroman subscriber Posts: 1
edited October 2008 in Marketing
Just was wondering if anyone had any ideas they could share with me about local marketing and what has worked for them.I have a business that I started over 2 years ago and went full time with last year. I have used mailers, flyers, and postcards with no success. I got one call from a mailer last year and that did not turn into any new business.What about door to door cold calling? I have a friend who has been in business over 20 years who swears by it. I have tried it with him and no success either. Would you purchase something from someone peddling door to door at your business location? I also put a listing in a Yellow Pages that gave me no response either. All in all I feel all of my advertisement dollars have been primarily wasted.The other thing I have done is join a local Chamber of Commerce and was part of a now defunct business referral group that met for lunch every week. I did finally get some business from that group, but none from the Chamber and it was expensive to join.Any other ideas anyone can share with me?


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    sunmicromansunmicroman subscriber Posts: 1
    IT Consultation, authorized Dell reseller, computer sales and service, contracted IT support for small business and educational facilities, web design, software sales and support, A/V equipment consultation and service, networking and server support.That is some of what we provide.
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    DanielAuitoDanielAuito subscriber Posts: 0
    Just throwing this out here, hopefully it may give you a nugget or two:

    On Average (not set in stone), these 5 reasons are what entice people to buy from you:


    #1 Confidence: Do they trust you? Do you appear legit? Are guarantees posted? Can you post testimonials? Tip: Acquire referrals by servicing and delivering to your existing customers 1st as they are 60% of your business.


    #2 Quality: Your best long-term customers will buy often and tell their friends if they know you and your products and services represent real value. Tip: People will go out of their way for customized products and services. Hence “Customer” people often will come to you when you can present quality custom solutions for them.


    #3 Service: They must want what you offer and be in NEED of what you offer. Tip: It is your job to justify the need for your products and services.  Find their pain and/or pleasure point(s) and satisfy what creates their current need.


    #4 Selection: Part of offering customized products and services are dependent upon your ability to provide choices. Tip: Always provide your prospect with at least 3 ways to justify buying from you.  Any more than three may overwhelm; people sell themselves using emotion 90% of the time.


    #5 Price: Notice price comes fifth after all the others.  The reason is what you do above determines the price people will pay! Tip: Work on improving in just one area for the next 30 days and watch your income increase 25% over the last month that you did not employ old Dan’s tips here.  In 4 months, you should be making twice what you are now if you work on all four areas. (One per month)
    Before we get into our master list of 14 killer marketing tactics all ending with the letters ENT, I’d like to remind you of whom to focus those tactics on most.  We all have three primary markets:


    #1 Universe: When you market to the world you get a 10% return = Cold Calling

    #2 Prospects: …are people who fit your customer profile; build your list with this 30%

    #3 Existing Customers: …are your #1 target with 60% response rates


    O.K, so the above are your customers.  Now don’t forget to service your allies as well.  They are in order:


    #1 Employees: These people will make or break you.  First on the list again is confidence.  Go down the list (above) to service your employees for maximum performance, using all five incentive categories. Notice pay is last. Find passionate superstars!


    #2 Customers: Customers can be raving fans, a silent majority or complainers to no less than 17 people if they are dissatisfied with how they have been treated.


    #3 Co-Marketers: These are your marketing allies; they co-promote you as a compliment or responsibility of their business relationships with you.


    #4 Affiliates: Often commission-based partners who promote your products and services for a percentage of the sale. Give affiliates good tools to sell with.


    Now you’re ready to unleash the 14 keys and launch a business building weapons arsenal onto the playing fields.


    #1 Commitment: You must believe in and give 100% to everyone involved to succeed.

    #2 Investments:   You must advertise in many creative ways to maintain Brand Awareness.

    #3 Consistent:      Give new initiatives time to work, don’t quit on things too soon.

    #4 Confident:       Patience, belief and dogged determination are winning attributes.

    #5 Assortment:    Of weapons, tools, tactics, strategic partnerships, etc.

    #6 Convenient:
         Don’t waste peoples’ time; make it easy and be on time and fast.

    #7 Involvement:
       Treat people right by understanding their needs; get to know them.

    #8 Dependent:
          Be a dependable ally and find allies that you can depend on as well.

    #9 Armament:
          Ensure you have the right equipment and technology to compete.

    #10 Augment:
           Constantly add new weapons as situations and initiatives arise.
    #11 Measurement: Gauge how well you’re hitting your targets and adjust as necessary.

    #12 Consent:
        Gain agreement with customers, clients, suppliers, employees, allies, etc.

    #13 Content:
            Educate your circles of influence give facts, figures, insights and


    #14 Congruent:
       Relates to your overall ability to conform to circumstances or requirements of all the different situations that come into play as a result of addressing the 5 reasons why people will eventually buy or buy in as partners.





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    sunmicromansunmicroman subscriber Posts: 1
    Thanks for the responses guys.Does anyone have more focused answers and maybe not so generalized?Like local ways to promote and market my or any business that has worked.I already have the customer relations skills down with almost 19 years in the customer service industry, I just need ideas on marketing more specifically in order to grow the business I already have established.I appreciate all the replies so far.
    sunmicroman2008-10-24 15:42:47
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    RemipubRemipub subscriber Posts: 3
    A suggestion purely from a marketing standpoint - keeping in mind that I have no marketing experience with IT services, nor have I studied the subject...
    Identify a need (or perceived need), target those who most likely have that need, create a compelling message and/or offer, find the best way to get that offer in front of them, and follow up.
    For example, how many people grow frustrated when their computer seems to be running too slow, or it comes from the distributer pre-loaded with a bunch of useless junk that just gets in the way?  How about offering potential clients a free or very low cost in home/office computer tune up.  Promise to improve performance, free up memory, clean off clutter - whatever you can do to make their computer more usefull.  The goal is not to make money from the tune up, but once you are there you can do one or more of the following:  Sell them hardware upgrades, sell them software solutions, sell them a service contract (which can include a monthly or quarterly tune up), sell them girl scout cookies .... ok, maybe skip the cookies, but you get the point.  Also, once you have established yourself as a provider of something of value, you will be remembered when their hard drive crashes, or they need an entirely new system, or anything else computer/IT related.  But for that last point, be sure you are following up on a regular basis after the initial contact (maybe a newsletter for example).
    With that type of campaign, I am confident that a direct mailer would be much more effective.
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    WebJunkyWebJunky subscriber Posts: 8 Member
    how much are you leveraging the internet? more and more are going to google to find out where to go and what to do rather than the yellowpages.
    sign up with google maps, you will gain instant position with google and have a profile of your business with a map attached online. you can even offer coupons that customers can print and bring to you.
    approach similar but non competing businesses nearby.  so if you are selling or repairing computers, talk to smaller shops that sell printers/paper/ink...computer peripherals. develop a relationship with them. with a local business like yours word of mouth is your biggest friend.
    something on a side not...you mentioned you are an authorized dell reseller. do you sell refurbished laptops/desktops? i have a friend in TX that used to work for IBM and was making a 45,000 living. he wasn`t satisfied with it. in his work he gained a lot of experience about Dell laptops.  so here is what he does now.
    he has established relationships with vendors who get rid of dell laptops are dirt cheap prices. he acquires these, dismantles them and sells the parts individually.  he may spend $150-200 buying a laptop but by the time he is done selling the screen, video card, processor, and 18 other parts he nets sometimes 1000% in profits. i had a "wow" reaction the first time i heard this from him.
    can you leverage the same for your business?
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    mahriyahmahriyah subscriber Posts: 2
    Have you considered creating a marketing piece and sending it via an email blast?
    MariaMy link
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    jwatkinsjwatkins subscriber Posts: 11 Bronze Level Member
    The easiest and most cost effective way to market locally is to take the time to actually meet with business owners and explain the benefits of hiring you. With your business cards in hand start knocking on doors. Be sure to do a little covert research for each business you visit and have a plan in mind. How can you help them be more efficient?, make more money?, get home earlier in the evening?, etc. Its tough but if you`re prepared and confident you will find that business owners will warm up to you, especially if you show a genuine interest in their business.
    Local businesses are bombarded with sales calls and flyers. What they aren`t used to is a small business owner such as yourself taking the time help them build a better business. Just be honest and sincere and they will respond to that.
    I once got a job designing a website by walking in to one business and asking the owner what their website address was (of course I knew beforehand that they didn`t have one). She was embarrased to tell me that she didn`t have one. When I asked why not she gave me a list of reasons. (too expensive, doesn`t know where to begin, not enough time). I was able to answer all her objections and walked out with the job. No flyer can do that.
    Anyway, there is no better way to get business than just to go get business.
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    EstellaEstella subscriber Posts: 0 Member
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    EstellaEstella subscriber Posts: 0 Member
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    EstellaEstella subscriber Posts: 0 Member
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