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How to make people to post about you?

m_kramarm_kramar subscriber Posts: 1
I'm currently trying to promote my website and I'm finding it hard to build good quality links. It seems that I have to encourage others to post about about it. It seems I have to make people talk about it. I but I'm not sure how. Does anyone have experience solving this problem?


  • SaruSaru subscriber Posts: 0
    The very first rule is to create a remarkable content that eventually would catch the reader to come back again and read further. Having a genuine and interesting content would make the readers bookmark your website, subscribe to your newsletter, send the content to their friends on Facebook , Twitter and co. and then again their friends would forward your content and so on. Somebody on this growing network would have a blog or an website in your niche and would find your content good enough to mention about it and finally to give you the backlink. It is a natural rule that has a natural following but it takes a lot of patience, hard working and constant creation of content and spreading the word in your community (in the online platforms as well as in the offline community, your friends, your friend' friends and so on)
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