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NYC the world at My feet - Where do I start??

CoastBCoastB subscriber Posts: 1
edited February 2007 in Business Planning
I have the most stellar ideas for a small, exclusive but approachable clothing business. I`m a young person living in New York City, actively involved in the young culture and at the mouth of the style pit. The people around me are the ones who are setting the trends for not only this country, but all over the world. I know this seems like exaggeration, but I promise its not. I have already street tested the pieces I want to create, and from Park Avenue to Canal Street - East Coast to West Coast...response is crazy. I am completely confident in what I want to do.
So here`s my dilema-
 I live in a city with access to anything, everything you could possibly need or want to get going. But its almost a hinderance to me. I am overwhelmed.
I have the designs and sample pieces I want created. I have the startup money to do it. But I need an expert tailor to make these pieces because I am not willing to waste time or money on junk. From the get go, I want my company to adhere to the vision I have always have for it, and the most important part of that is in the quality of the pieces.
Does anyone live in New York City and know where I should go to get my business is motion?


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    donacapagunzdonacapagunz subscriber Posts: 4
    China is the best place to get samples and such made. How do you suppose Apple, Nike, reebok got rich. They had ideas, marketing like you!! Guess it depends if you`re thinking BIG or small?? You can either travel to China and there many factories that will welcome your business, its cheap and you`ll be alble to do drop shipping, meaning your customers place an order via whatever system and you dont touch anything besides the checks.
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    CoastBCoastB subscriber Posts: 1
    See, everyone seems to be telling me to go that direction but the product is a quality product and though I don`t doubt all Chinese made products to be of poor quality...the whole idea of the company could be overshadowed by the fact it is made in China. I guess I`ll just have to make that decision.
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    stevesteve subscriber Posts: 14
    Make it in NY and you`ve got something to be proud of.
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    stevesteve subscriber Posts: 14
    If I have a life philosophy it has always been "do what you can, where you are with what you got."

    New York is a happening place. My wife loved living there. Too many
    people in too little space for me. So like a cross between Green Acres
    and Northern Exposure, we moved from NY to Alaska after we got married.

    You`re in the perfect place to do what you want. Every skill you need
    is there. There is no shortage of investors if that is needed. That`s
    where the market is. Now`s when you find out if you`ve got what it
    takes to "make it there".
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    CoastBCoastB subscriber Posts: 1
    I know exactly the feeling of too many people in too little of space. I moved here to be a musician and singer and fell into clothing because its been something I`ve always understood not to mention I currently hate the entertainment business.
    Anyways what I wear when I sing and play is taking me down another road for the time being. In fact, I grew up on the water and plan in a couple months to move a bit Northeast to Montauk, Ny and commute myself in and out to make things happen. All I want to do in life is related, the vision is just huge and I`ve just only turned 21 so its one thing and then the other and hopefully at some point something truly great.
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    stevesteve subscriber Posts: 14
    A common problem with a startup is that people might not take you
    seriously. Don`t take it personally and don`t let it stop you. Keep
    looking until you find someone who will. It may be another startup like
    Craig said, or it may just be someone with an open mind willing to take
    a chance. People with vision recognise and respect a person with vision.

    Good luck and keep us posted on your progress.
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