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Can anyone tell me why and how??

blondieblueblondieblue subscriber Posts: 9
I`m sitting here looking at search results for Boxer Haus and am amazed at what I see here at Google for the search phrase boxer dog gifts .
I remember way back when less than a year ago when BoxerHaus.com was listed back in position 34 for that search phrase. Now as of this posting they are #2.
Can anyone tell me how they did it? (And I know for certain that Beth has not paid for SEO or AdClicks.)
Could it possilby be the same things that GoTruckStop.com has been doing for several years now BoxerHaus.com has started doing? (BTW, GoTruckStop has maintained position #1 at Google for search phrases like "trucking accessories" , "big truck accessories" , "big rig gifts" . "trucker accessories" for over a year now.)
blondieblue4/2/2008 10:17 PM


  • vwebworldvwebworld subscriber Posts: 40
    Moved up a few positions from your last post about their search results.
  • blavelblavel subscriber Posts: 1
    Could be that the site has simply accrued more incoming links from other sites.
    Not by paying, but maybe just from more and more people finding out about the site and linking to it over time.
  • williamwilliam subscriber Posts: 2
    Constant development of new content themselves or someone else, carefully chosen content and keywords, and don`t rule out meta data no matter what others say.  It is still important.
  • blondieblueblondieblue subscriber Posts: 9
    Constant development of new content themselves or someone else, carefully chosen content and keywords, and don`t rule out meta data no matter what others say.  It is still important.

    Meta data? Could you explain how you might do that with a cgi, php or asp data base store?
    I haven`t see any program that might do that easily with the type of success that the 2 web sites I`ve mentioned have shown.
    Do you know how they`ve done it?
  • blondieblueblondieblue subscriber Posts: 9
    Janie, thanks for the post. I`m not sure why you would think that I know the "secret". Thats assuming that "it" is a "secret".

     I`m just a humble member of this community. But you Janie and some of the other regulars here surely must have a clue as to how these 2 sites have done it. I`m seriously hoping that some of you might have the answers.

    blondieblue4/3/2008 7:48 PM
  • blondieblueblondieblue subscriber Posts: 9

     Now I`m curious. Do you know how they`ve done it?
     I sure do !! But some of you are not going to like the answer. This reminds me of the movie "A Few Good Men" with Tom Cruise and Jack Nicholson, when Nicholson looks at Cruise and tells him "that he can`t handle the truth". Janie, please reassure me that you won`t go flying off the handle when I tell you what I have discovered as to why BoxerHaus and GoTruckStop are at the top positions in key search phrases.  I`ll be glad to share with everyone here what I`ve discovered, but fear that some will lash out or totally dismiss my information as hog-wash. All that I ask is some reassurance that I wont be attacked for sharing with you.blondieblue4/4/2008 8:12 PM
  • blondieblueblondieblue subscriber Posts: 9
    OK everyone - here is one of the reasons why BoxerHaus and GoTruckStop have succeeded in placing at the top of the search engines - without spending a dime. It all comes from the AppleCart Shopping Cart and Data Base System designed by Spads .
    The feature that allows you to create HTML pages of every product one has in the on-line store is the key. Every time the function is used it creates a time stamp on the HTML Product pages. That time stamp is the trigger for the robots and spiders to re-index the site.
    Not only does it create a time-stamp, but by creating HTML Product pages - one has taken a 7 page web site (as an example) and created a several hundred page web site with the click of a button.
    Here is the Admin and Instruction Page for the Create HTML Product Pages Console , compliments of GoTruckStop.com

    OR ...

    You can use ALL the other shopping cart solutions out there and then have the privilege of having to PAY sometimes hundreds of dollars a month for SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Its up to you !!
    blondieblue4/5/2008 9:36 AM
  • Ziyapathan0143Ziyapathan0143 subscriber Posts: 150 Silver Level Member
    We are amidst investigating the best alternatives for building up a "microsite" encounter for a customer and how we deal with the site - subdomain versus subdirectory... Netscaler divert versus DNS change. We comprehend that a subdirectory is best for SEO purposes; notwithstanding, we suspect specialized restrictions when incorporating the diverse facilitating stages and capacities into the current site.
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