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Results Only Work Environment Discussion

mslicemslice subscriber Posts: 1
I`d like to hear from others about building corporate culture and focusing on results versus hours with employees. I`ve run several successful companies from $500,000 a year in revenue to $50 million with good success focusing on results versus hours and I`d like to hear from others about this type of company culture.
Also, is anyone familiar with www.culturerx.com? The company spun out of Best Buy who have adopted these methods throughout much of their organization. I`m looking for a list of the 13 commandments from this method. Does anyone have this information? Here is a great article on on R.O.W.E.
Here is an example of a few of the commandments:
No.1: People at all levels stop doing any activity that is a waste of
their time, the customer’s time, or the company’s money.
No.7: Nobody
talks about how many hours they work.
No.9: It’s O.K. to take a nap on
a Tuesday afternoon, grocery shop on Wednesday morning, or catch a
movie on Thursday afternoon.


  • MichelleACMichelleAC subscriber Posts: 0
    I`m not sure it is totally new but some companies are starting to see the benefit of this type of work culture.  It is a methodolgy and environment that I try to encourage my clients to try.  I believe that it gives the employees working in the company a sense of empowerment and respect that they often feel is not apparent in other work cultures.  As a result, they take pride in getting their work done and getting it done well (this performance motivation could also be driven by the fact the employees don`t want to lose the benefit of such a flexible work schedule).  
    I personally believe that companies will ultimately need to move towards such an environment (if not totally, at least partially) in order to retain the type of talent companies are looking for.  I also find that a happier workforce is a healther workforce and a healthier and happier workforce translates into better customer service, better work output and, consequently, increased profits and lower bottom line cost).
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