Startup Funding

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I am working on opening a cafe in my hometown. The total startup would be around $125,000 if I purchase the building outright. With a three-year contract for deed, it would be $48,000 up front. This covers permits, construction (minimal), equipment, furniture, supplies, insurance, utilities and payroll. The cash flow projections never go negative monthly and the business in turning a profit in year two. My credit score varies between 690 and 705. I have no capital to put in myself. Would it be better to focus on 4 small investors of $12,000 each with a ROI of $18,000 over five years, or find an angel investor for the $125,000? (I have a complete, conservative business plan with all assumptions, break-even, revenue and labor worksheets and contingency plans for a poor market.) What advice can you give me?
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