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I`m developing online design tool for printing services.

ansataansata subscriber Posts: 2

My name is Michael. I own a web-development outsourcing company in Ukraine.
About 10 days ago I`ve met a client who wants to develop online designing tool for
his online printing business. He`s located in Malaysia. We`ve already created a
development plan and needed features list on that. Unfortunately his budget is
too low to cover even salary expenses on development. But he`s very interested
in creating that thing and looking for different ways to develop it.

Main point
is that we want to create high quality system which will be easy to extend.

I’m pretty
sure  that such a thing will be very popular and I can sell it in the
future, but we had started as a company about two months ago and can`t cover
development expenses by ourselves. So we assume the best way is to find
investors. Unfortunately due to global crisis it is not very easy to find
investors especially in Ukraine.

So now I`m
looking for people who are also interested in such a tool. It will be much
easier to find a number of people who can invest small amounts of money, e.g.
couple of hundreds USD. So nobody risks on huge amounts.

To cover
development we need to collect about 8000 USD. 

I understand
that this may sound like a fraud. But it`s not. We do not need to get all the
money immediately. I assume that it would be better for everyone to know what
he/she is paying for. So we will show the development phases, some key points
of the product, they will be publically available on our server.
I have development plan and time estimation for this project. Also there are
some project description and features list.

As a result
involved people will get the product or discount. I assume that people who will
donate 500$ or more will get product for free, others will be given with a
discount, so they could pay more to reach 500$ and get their product. I think
that will be quite fair for everyone.

The product
will be Flash+PHP+MySQL based. There will be custom-made CMS and ability to
publish high resolution PDF/JPG images ready for print. They will be suitable
for T-shirts printing (something similar to BlueCotton), Mugs, etc. Also we
will provide tech support.

for now I want to get in touch with people who are interested in such a thing.
I’m open to suggestions how to make that legal, so everybody involved feel
protected. Please feel free to contact me we can communicate through any
instant messenger and use audio/video through the Skype . I just want to discuss
the possibility to gain such kind of micro investments, and if there would be
enough people we can start. We are not looking for more money than needed. I
think we will make the list of all the participants and their investments
publically available. We plan to make our income on future product sales.

Also it would be good to create some kind of websirte for microinvestments
for small business, where people can share the ideas and look for investors.
Something like GetAFreelancer or Scriptlance.


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